Friday, August 28, 2009

Five Question Friday!!

It's Friday people...and its time for some questions, brought to us by Mama M.

So, the rules? Copy and paste the five questions below to your blog post, answer them, grab the MckLinky Blog Hop code and link up! I'd also love it if you'd link back to me...not a requirement, just a request!

And, we're off!!

1. What is your favorite Holiday and why? (Thanks, Keely! Yup, same Keely as above!!)
Mine would be Halloween for all the fun costumes, or Thanksgiving for all the great food, Christmas for the beautiful decorations and the opportunity to share with others the reason for celebrating Christmas, or Easter for the awesome craw fish boil we have every year - the great service we have at church and the ability to share another amazing moment in our history, Jesus' resurrection!!! Oh, did you say I had to pick just one??? Oops

2. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
My father's mother. She was an amazing person who taught me so much about loving family, staying strong, believing in yourself, and serving the Lord!!

3. If you could give up one household chore forever, what would it be?
LAUNDRY!!! Hands down - there is no contest!!!!

4. What is the BEST practical joke you have ever been a part of, on the giving OR receiving end? (Thanks to Meghan, for that one!!)
The only one I can think of was an April Fool's joke we played on my grandmother (dad's mom). I told her dad was in a horrible car accident and was in a full body cast and in the hospital, I think she hung up on me trying to make reservations to fly out asap - we called her back and told her April Fool's - she did not find it funny:)

5. Where (or how) did you meet your spouse?
I was a lifeguard at the pool in his aunts neighborhood. He would come to visit every summer, and every summer I would wait for him to come again!! Cheesy, I know.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Five Question Friday!!

Join me in a blog hop created by Mama M, at My Little Life, copy and paste the questions, answer them, and swipe the MckLinky code and add it to your post as well.

Here goes:

1. What is your biggest Pet Peeve? (Thanks, Meghan!)
Oh, do I have to just pick one?? I will give two - first i would say that one of my pet peeves is when people scrape the plate/bowl with their knife/fork/spoon ugghhh!! Oh, and when they then proceed to bite down on the spoon/fork and slide it out of their mouth with their teeth closed - it gives me chills just typing it!! number two is when people are annoyingly loud on purpose to irritate you on PURPOSE. We all know what you are doing - and in a work place it is a bit childish!!

2. With no worries about finances, childcare, or travel time...where would you most want to vacation?
Spain!! Definitely Spain!! Beautiful country, and great food!!

3. If your house was in the path of a tornado and you had time to grab 3 things before the house was totally destroyed (children, husband, pets are already out) what 3 items would you grab? (Thanks, A.!)
The lap top, external hard drive, and the baby books!!

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? (Thanks, Keely!)
I would have to say Colorado, or Georgia!! But I don't see us packing up anytime soon.

5. What is your family's favorite home cooked meal?
Cracker Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes (with the skins on), cream gravy, and corn on the cob!! MMMMMmmmm, a true Southern meal!!

OK, it's your turn!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Look!!

Are you guys just loving the new look?? I am!! Thanks to Mandy I have a beautiful, colorful new look!! The makeover was part of a contest she held back in July, and I love it!!! Let me tell you I was probably the worst customer she has ever dealt with since i gave her virtually no direction. I think my e-mail went something like this:

I love colors, but with the two boys, and the little princess, I would like for the design to be somewhat girly- and gender neutral. Does that make sense? I just get a sense of dull when I say gender neutral. We are very active - love baseball, outdoors, water... I love elements from digital scrapbook sites, some of the ones I liked best were "cheerful", "loves me, loves me not", "catch a wave" - I love all of these blog designs - does that make things clear as mud now??:) Please feel free to let your creative juices flow.

We are still adding a few finishing touches but I just could not wait to get the new look out there!!

So with that, she created this!! And I L.O.V.E. it!!! The best part is, that she donates 30% of the cost of her blog designs to a new charity each month. This month is the Ronald McDonald House. So, not only do you get a great new look for your page, but you also get to help out some wonderful causes!!! Head over to her site and place your order!!!

Blogs by Mandy

Thanks Mandy!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

T Minus 10 weeks

First I realize that ten weeks may sound like a long time, but, to be completely honest, I am stressing a bit. Jenna will be ONE on October 9th. Really, where has the year gone??? I have been able to give myself an extra two weeks to plan for her party due to some prior commitments. So the theme??? Well of course it will be very girly and very princessy and all the little kiddos will be decked out in their Halloween costumes!! It will be absolutely adorable!!! I plan on making Jenna's tutu in a couple of weeks. One great turn of events... a friend of mine will be throwing a wedding shower and is buying a bunch of tule to decorate with. She has offered to let me HAVE it when she is done! I offered to pay her for half, but she refused, SCORE! I am really looking forward to planning her party. I already have the venue reserved, and that has relieved tons of stress. I know the boys will have a baseball game the day the party is scheduled, so my plan is to work half a day the Friday before her party to help prepare. All the food and decorations will be fixed in advance, and the day of the party I will just have to show up, set up, and have fun!!! Best of all my very creative, artistic sister-in-law is planning to come and make Jenna's cake!! I can not wait to see what she creates!!!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

Not me Monday...I never took my daughter who had soaked her diaper out of her stroller, and realized that there was no way I could pry the two boys away from the experiment they were in the middle of at the Children's museum, only to change her right there in the middle of the museum. I would never expose my child's bare bum in public. Not me!!!

I most certainly did not scream while sitting at my desk, and the power went out. Not because I was scared, but because I was working on a proposal for three hours and had not saved my work. Only to realize that my computer was still on, I was still typing and someone had just turned off my light. I would never scream out loud at work, and I would definitely know if my light had been turned off!! Not me!!!

I did not let my boys stay up last night to watch a movie on the couch while I laid in bed listening to them giggle. I did not fall asleep before them, I would never ever let them do that!! Not me!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Was Raining in My Kitchen, ,

I woke up yesterday morning, went to the kitchen to make the coffee. As I started the coffee, I hear what sounds like water running through the pipes. I think to my self darn you Jesse. I wanted to take a shower while he stayed in bed with Jenna. I walk into the bedroom to express myself, and he is still sleeping. I walk back out to the kitchen to find the sound.

Ok, I have ears like a hawk, I can hear people whispering across the house, especially if they say my name:), I am using my finely tuned skill to hear where the sound is coming from. All signs point to the wall, the wall in which the hot water heater sits against - or on the other side of. But there is no water on, why would I be able to hear the water heater running??? I am looking in the kitchen cabinets to see if the sound is louder in there, in the oven, anywhere I can think of around this wall. I am certain that this could have been on a sitcom!! All of a sudden from the exhaust hood of the stove, water starts pouring down, on my electric stove. Not safe!! Either way I yell for Jesse, tell him water is leaking in the kitchen, he yells back "turn it off from under the sink!" That would work, if I were talking about the sink leaking. I was not. I nicely yell back "It's coming from above the stove". I am quite sure Jesse did not believe me, that is until he actually saw for himself, the water pouring into the kitchen from above the stove!!! Jesse went to the garage, turned off the hot water heater and eventually the water stopped pouring, and started dripping, and then finally stopped dripping before I left for work. Not a fun morning, no hot water to shower with!!! Funny how Jesse decided it was ok to turn the water heater back on and cover the stove with towels so that he could have hot water to shower with.

I had a good excuse last night not to cook - you know since water had poured all into and around/underneath our electric stove and all. Miss Jenna and I enjoyed some Chick-fil-a. If you don't have one of those near you, you are seriously missing out!! Jesse worked late, and ended up just meeting us at my parent's house so that we could all bathe using hot water!!

No one called back to fix the hot water heater - which I am now thinking it is more of a pipe problem vs. a hot water heater problem - but hey, I am no plumber. Finally we get a call at 9:30pm.

"Mr. Jesse, I am right around the corner, can I come take a look at the leak?" Um, no - it's 9:30 PM. "I will come by first thing in the morning then."

Let's just say Jesse was waiting and calling and waiting until about 10 this morning - then he left for work. Wouldn't you know it, the guy calls when Jesse was minutes away from the office, and rescheduled again.

Bummer, I was really looking forward to cooking tonight... and having hot water!! I am serious about the hot water, not so serious about the cooking.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Little Girl Birthday Parties...

We were invited to a birthday party for a neighbor/friend's granddaughter this weekend. Our boys are friends with the birthday girl's uncle - he is only 8. So Saturday, after buying ALL of the boys school supplies, I headed out to buy the little one a present. I made a few calls to get a couple of ideas for her (I think boys are WAY easier to shop and buy for). The consensus was Hannah Montana - like I really needed to post that link. My point is the little girl just turned 4.

We arrived to the party and she was dressed just like Hannah - we are talking black leggings that zipped up the sides, a small tank top with a vest over it, she was covered in spray on glitter (that she insisted be reapplied every hour or so), and definitely had more make-up than I did seeing as I had forgotten that step in my mad dash out the door to beat any other early-bird shoppers!! I do not have a picture, and I'm not entirely sure that I would post it if I did.

This little girl changed outfits three times during her party, and the last outfit was a strapless, to the floor, slinky dress she wore as she performed a mini Hannah concert. There was an anatomically correct pinata - if you know what I mean. I know that times are changing and that there is a huge difference in how children are being raised and what they are exposed to, but this was unreal!!! I can not imagine letting Jenna walk around with make-up and decked out as if she were going to a tiny-tot club at the age of 4.

I am all for girly-girl parties, and dressing Jenna up, don't get me wrong. I just think there is a way to do all that and be age appropriate. It is not that I even think Hannah is bad - I have watched the show with the boys, it is cute, and some of my good friends with older daughters (8-12) have been to the concerts and deal with all the Hannah paraphernalia. I just don't understand why society as a whole is pushing for little girls to grow up so fast.

I am sure I could go on for ever about this topic, but for now, in the words of Billy Dean "Let Them Be Little"