Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Strep, Allergies, and More

Last Tuesday I received a call from the Daycare to let me know Jenna was running a fever. Great! 102.5 and they had already given her Tylenol roughly thirty minutes prior to checking her temp. Lovely! Jesse ran and picked her up, while I made her an appointment to visit the doctor. Jesse took her in and they checked her out.

Turns out she had strep throat, complete with little puss pockets, pretty, I know. She also had what looked to be the beginning of an ear infection as well. Wednesday Jesse stayed home with her, but her fever would not break! During the day she would run a lower-grade fever, but at night we were seeing 103+ temps with out lowering. Of course she was on antibiotic, and the usual tylenol/mortin treatment around the clock. Still no break in the fever - by Friday she was not interested in food or drink but the fever stayed low around 99.8-100.8.

I made an appointment for her to be re-seen by one of the doctors on Saturday. He is the only one in the practice with this mentality, but he is the type that will write you a script that YOU think you NEED. Pah-leese!! Anywho - he is not my favorite doctor, but in 7 1/2 years we have only had to deal with him three times, so it's not that bad. Of course with his personality he thinks that mom's know nothing, sick kids "don't act that way" (play), and every symptom or concern I have is "normal". Umm, really- is it normal for my nine month old to cough up blood? Is it normal for her to loose almost one pound in four days? Is it normal to have a rash cover her entire body? Really? Or he asked questions like "does the rash itch?" Not sure... why don't you see if she will tell you that one. Oh, his solution, different antibiotic. Don't worry though, it was just a stronger version of the one she was already currently taking. Forget the fact that we have a family history of being HIGHLY. ALLERGIC. to this medicine. That could not possibly be the reason for her rash at all!!

Nevertheless, I left filled the script and gave her dose number 1 that afternoon. Bad idea!! Within half an hour, my poor little girl was covered - head to toe - with red hives!! Her little face and hands were red and swollen and she was just so uncomfortable!!!

Sunday morning, I was getting ready for church when she had the blow out of the century!!! We are talking about a mess all the way up her back to her shoulder blades, all in her walker, all down the front of her. It was not pretty!! So, I bathed her, decided to fore go church and head to the pharmacy for a professional opinion. My pharmacist loves us - mainly because I am sure we keep her in business, but she immediately said stop giving the antibiotics and give her benadryl. Yes ma'am. She started the benadryl on Sunday and her rash began to disappear. By Monday it was almost completely gone, and by Tuesday it was completely gone, along with another 6 oz!! She has lost one pound four ounces in one week:( and there are no signs of her appetite returning. She doesn't want anything, and I have tried everything. I am at my wits end at this point and we are running out of options since her wet diapers are down to only four/day. So far she has had two wet diapers today, and we will see what the rest of the day holds, any less than four, and we will be making a call to her Doctor - who is on vacation, but don't worry, we have his cell number:)!!

Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised with numerous wet diapers by her bedtime.

A girl can dream, right?

I will leave you with a cute picture of a chubbier Jenna - before she sarted her weight-loss journey.


Ade said...

Hi Megan, followed you over here from the epipen carrier thread....I am so with you on the doctor thing. There are 7 peds in our practice and I will only go to one....the others are condescending and rude. I'm so sorry that Jenna went through that!