Thursday, July 9, 2009

9 months

Oh my word, my precious princess is 9 months old today.

Here are her stats:
Height: 27.5 inches
Weight: 19.5 pounds

All I can say right now is the girl is gaining weight!! Maybe not like the "typical baby weight gain" but it is good for her. I will have more accurate stats tomorrow, after her visit to the GI doc. As of right now she is currently off all meds!! Praise Jesus, and she is tolerating foods well - all foods. She is not a big bottle drinker, but loves her cups of water! What is she up to now?
~Pulling on everything
~Taking two to three steps on her own
~Standing on her own
~Says: Mama, Dada, up, off, uh-ooh, and grandma (gama)
~Waves bye-bye (but someone has to be leaving, you can't fool her)
~Uses the sign for "no"
~Nods her head yes
~Feeds herself finger foods
~Has no teeth!!! I joke that we will have to get her baby dentures, but the no teeth issue does not stop her from eating EVERY.THING.IN.SIGHT!!
~Crawls everywhere, in everything.
~Has learned to love and maneuver in her walker.
~Loves swimming, playing in the grass, or just being outside.
I am sure that I am missing something, but will try to remember and write it down for my next update. For now, I will leave you with some recent pic of the princess and her bodyguards:)!!!


megan said...

What cute kids - I love dressing up a little girl im sure you feel the same way after two boys!