Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

The truth is there are tons I thought I had to blog about. I can remember no less that 10 times this past week that I told myself, “That would be a great blog post”. The question is what was that? I don’t remember! My Aunt Paula would now kindly remind me that I should start taking Ginkgo – never actually taken it before, but she says it helps you remember. Who knows? Probably couldn’t hurt though!!

My very sweet MIL has agreed to surrender her summer vacation (she is a teacher) to help us out with keeping the kids (daycare is almost double in the summer). Today is day two of the kiddos spending time with her. Yesterday they made play-dough, played with it, played outside (in our unusually not-so-humid weather), made a soup, read books, cleaned out the toy room, and only God knows what else they had her doing. All I know is they had fun, and they were happy kiddos when we got home from work.

I have found it a little harder to leave them in the morning, I am not sure why. Maybe because I know they will be at home all day and I will not be there? Maybe because at daycare, it was the teachers “job” to entertain the kids? Maybe because I get so nervous that they will annoy the begeebees out of my MIL and she will want to go running for the hills?

I know that she loves those kids as if they were her own, and we share many of the same values, I know they will be learning and having fun, spending time with Grandma, and I will be saving money!!

I have a lot weighing on my heart with all that seems to be going on in our Christian Women’s blog community. I may post about that later, if I can find the right words.


megan said...

Hi Megan!
Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day! Your kids are so cute, its to bad you live in Texas to far for a get together. My boys are 6 & 4 and my little Ava will be 2 August 2nd...I see were there same age if your still 26 :) and Im also a Cancer July 12. Take care