Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Oh, the days are just getting fuller!!! Jenna is full on crawling, no more lizard action around our house. Honestly I think I will miss it, she was so cute!! She is eating baby food like crazy, still doesn't care too much for her bottle, loves drinking water from a sippy cup or water bottle, laughs all the time, smiles all the time, talks and yells to get your attention!

Friday night the boys had their baseball team party at Chuck E Cheese's. Fun times I tell you, fun times!! They enjoyed themselves, and Jenna had a blast!! She smiled the whole time, laughed, squealed and blew raspberries at everyone who would talk to her! The boys each received a trophy with their name, number and team name on it. There was no getting them to stand still for a photo op!! They were off and running! I may have to stage a photo session a little later for a keepsake!

The boys had their last baseball game on Saturday, it was part of a tournament, they did not advance:( They did however each score a run, and a very nice parent took the team out to eat ice cream!! It was a good game, with some very bad calls by the ump and a very over excited mama who may not have been yelling at said ump when he made said bad calls! Along with the not so boisterous daddy who then became a loud daddy with said ump for said calls! The point is though, the kids had fun!!

After the game, we went home, changed and headed to my parents house for my brother's birthday. He is getting old! The big 1-2!! That's right, Jake is twelve, oh, what does a twelve year old get on his birthday you ask?.... Oh, why he gets new stuff for his skate board, new clothes, and a new BLACKBERRY!!! That is right the bugger got a Blackberry!! i am not at all the least bit jealous! Really, I hope this phone does not go through the washing machine like his last cell phone did!! We ate, enjoyed some time with the family and went home, short two members of our immediate family. The boys spent the night at Nana and Papa's house, and we took the princess with us.

Sunday Jenna slept most of the morning, I took that time to tidy up the house a bit, then we picked up the boys and took the kids to a friends house to go swimming. They enjoyed the water so much, even Jenna!! It was a good, relaxing, fun filled weekend.

And now, I am counting down the days until my MIL comes to provide me with some much needed back-up! T - minus 3 days!!!

Pictures to come soon, I promise, i just need to get new batteries for the camera!!!


megan said...

Hi Megan!
Thanks for the comment on my blog...I saw your profile I to am a total Dork! We are both the same age (if your still 26) and I to am a cancer (July 12th)...To bad you live so far away it would be fun to meet someone with the same age kids...My kids are 6,4 and Ava will be 2 August 2nd...I like the look of your blog I keep telling my hubby I need a makeover but he doesnt want me to spend the money ahhh someday! Blessings