Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have been a blog slacker!!! So I will update in list format, because you know it’s fun and easy and fast!!
• What has been going on in our neck of the woods?
• Lots, we are actively looking for a new house – preferably one way under market value that we can fix up and sell in a couple of years.
• I need change, and don’t really want to do much with the house we are in, so it is time for a move!!
• Jenna is well on her way to walking, she stands alone for several seconds at a time and she will take steps while you hold her hand (even though you are not actually holding her). So I suspect that she will be on the move in the next couple of weeks or so.
• She has no teeth to speak of, although there are some suspicions that she may be getting one soon.
• The boys got Mohawks a few weeks ago.
• The Pastor at church loves them!!
• My MIL is still keeping the kids for us during the day and I have a clean house, clean laundry, and dinner cooked when I get home. The woman is a blessing I tell you!
• Jay is about to loose is 6th tooth, and AJ is about to loose two more of his.
• There will be a temporary pool put up in the backyard so the kids can “teach grandma how to swim” - we will see how long it lasts, since there is a drought in the area I am pretty sure we shouldn’t even be filling it up and because of said drought the whole thing might just evaporate in 2.3 seconds.
• Today is the first day in a week we have not reached temperatures hotter than 100 degrees outside!!
• There’s a great new “linky” service available and I wanted to let you know about it. It’s called MckLinky – www.mcklinky.com. After realizing the need for a new, reliable linky capability, Brent Riggs and MckMama got together to create a free, easy to use linky service for all their blog friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Words

I love watching the kids discover new things! It truly is one of the greatest joys of being a parent. Jenna has started stacking toys, pulling up and letting go of everything (I am quite sure by the end of the summer her grandmother will have had a couple of heart attacks!!), she is even starting to talk a little more. I mean real, honest to goodness words, and she knows what she means. "Da" is only said when she sees him, "mama" is only when I am around and she wants my attention, "pu" or "pup" (depending on how excited she is when she says it) is always said when she reaches her arms out to who she wants to pick her up. It is the cutest thing ever!!! It only took her a day to get accustomed to her grandma and she will not let her out of her sight. My MIL says that she won't let her put her down! Sorry Mrs. Irene, looks like you will have a spoiled one once she goes back to daycare!!

That's all for now, hopefully we will take pictures this weekend, and I will post them later!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's all Greek to me, or is it?

I walk into my office and there is a bag sitting on my desk, a gift bag. As I try to figure out where it came from, I decide to see what is inside. Inside this bag is a creature my family is all too familiar with. Pan – the half goat, half boy, the mythological creature, the Greek God of Fertility. I sat here trying to figure out how my sister got it into my office.

Let me first start with this, my parents had me and my sister two years apart from each other. Years later, like 13 years later, my mom found out she was pregnant with my brother Joe, and on Joe’s first birthday, she found out about Jacob. Mom had this statue of pan sitting in her room as a decoration, until someone told her that creature was the god of fertility.

Fast forward several years, mom is trying to remove this creature from her home, I meet a wonderful friend at my then new job. This friend was just about to get married, and was very excited to start a new family. After several months of trying with no success, my friend was beginning to feel discouraged. We talk about my parents “luck” and I give her the creature. Ya’ll this was like three years ago!!

After a few attempt to reach my sister or my mom, to see if either of them were the culprit, I phone my friend (who was actually sitting right down the hall from me).
I asked, “Hey, there is a bag sitting on my desk, do you know where it came from?” She answered, “yes.” I asked, “Are you trying to tell me something?” (Hoping deep down the answer was yes) Her answer was “no.” And then she followed that reply with one of the most humbling statements I have heard in sometime, “We just figured our faith was displaced.” And with that I hung up my phone, sat at my desk and held back tears.

How often do we take for granted everything we have been given, how quickly are we to turn to alternative methods for attaining our hopes and dreams when we feel like God is not answering fast enough? Why is it we are quick to get on our knees when all is wrong and we need His guidance, but we are slow to bow at His feet and thank Him for all He has given us?

Last summer I read the No Other God’s Bible Study with some very remarkable women, at the time there were certainly many other idols that were affecting all of our lives, however, I had completely forgotten about this little creature-idol. That is until today. I have a new found inspiration to go through the NOG Bible Study again, with new perspectives, with new experiences, in a different part of my life than I was then.

How many times can that humbling phrase describe where we are in our walk? “My faith has been displaced.” Please say an extra prayer for my friend and her husband as they continue to search for what God has planned for their family and their future together. I know I will be praying for them, right after I give Him the glory for all He has done in my life this past year.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

The truth is there are tons I thought I had to blog about. I can remember no less that 10 times this past week that I told myself, “That would be a great blog post”. The question is what was that? I don’t remember! My Aunt Paula would now kindly remind me that I should start taking Ginkgo – never actually taken it before, but she says it helps you remember. Who knows? Probably couldn’t hurt though!!

My very sweet MIL has agreed to surrender her summer vacation (she is a teacher) to help us out with keeping the kids (daycare is almost double in the summer). Today is day two of the kiddos spending time with her. Yesterday they made play-dough, played with it, played outside (in our unusually not-so-humid weather), made a soup, read books, cleaned out the toy room, and only God knows what else they had her doing. All I know is they had fun, and they were happy kiddos when we got home from work.

I have found it a little harder to leave them in the morning, I am not sure why. Maybe because I know they will be at home all day and I will not be there? Maybe because at daycare, it was the teachers “job” to entertain the kids? Maybe because I get so nervous that they will annoy the begeebees out of my MIL and she will want to go running for the hills?

I know that she loves those kids as if they were her own, and we share many of the same values, I know they will be learning and having fun, spending time with Grandma, and I will be saving money!!

I have a lot weighing on my heart with all that seems to be going on in our Christian Women’s blog community. I may post about that later, if I can find the right words.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Oh, the days are just getting fuller!!! Jenna is full on crawling, no more lizard action around our house. Honestly I think I will miss it, she was so cute!! She is eating baby food like crazy, still doesn't care too much for her bottle, loves drinking water from a sippy cup or water bottle, laughs all the time, smiles all the time, talks and yells to get your attention!

Friday night the boys had their baseball team party at Chuck E Cheese's. Fun times I tell you, fun times!! They enjoyed themselves, and Jenna had a blast!! She smiled the whole time, laughed, squealed and blew raspberries at everyone who would talk to her! The boys each received a trophy with their name, number and team name on it. There was no getting them to stand still for a photo op!! They were off and running! I may have to stage a photo session a little later for a keepsake!

The boys had their last baseball game on Saturday, it was part of a tournament, they did not advance:( They did however each score a run, and a very nice parent took the team out to eat ice cream!! It was a good game, with some very bad calls by the ump and a very over excited mama who may not have been yelling at said ump when he made said bad calls! Along with the not so boisterous daddy who then became a loud daddy with said ump for said calls! The point is though, the kids had fun!!

After the game, we went home, changed and headed to my parents house for my brother's birthday. He is getting old! The big 1-2!! That's right, Jake is twelve, oh, what does a twelve year old get on his birthday you ask?.... Oh, why he gets new stuff for his skate board, new clothes, and a new BLACKBERRY!!! That is right the bugger got a Blackberry!! i am not at all the least bit jealous! Really, I hope this phone does not go through the washing machine like his last cell phone did!! We ate, enjoyed some time with the family and went home, short two members of our immediate family. The boys spent the night at Nana and Papa's house, and we took the princess with us.

Sunday Jenna slept most of the morning, I took that time to tidy up the house a bit, then we picked up the boys and took the kids to a friends house to go swimming. They enjoyed the water so much, even Jenna!! It was a good, relaxing, fun filled weekend.

And now, I am counting down the days until my MIL comes to provide me with some much needed back-up! T - minus 3 days!!!

Pictures to come soon, I promise, i just need to get new batteries for the camera!!!