Friday, May 1, 2009

What a week!!

Wow, Monday afternoon Jesse called and told me it was going to start raining, and that I should try to leave work early. He also said he was on his way home and he would pick up the kids from daycare. I know I should have listened to him, but honestly I think sometimes he tends to err on the side of caution, so I chocked the rain up to regular old Houston thunderstorms.

Only, they were not regular. By the time I got home the neighbor had already emptied 3 inches of water from his rain gauge. I narrowly missed a tornado, and my sister had to drive home with one near her the entire time!! Once home, the lights were flashing off and on, I decided the best bet was hurry up and heat up some left overs and get things gathered for the next day in case our power goes out for the night. Oddly enough, we did not loose power (maybe they actually fixed it after Ike, and almost 20 days with out power then) our neighbors however, (the ones who had power with in a couple of days of Ike) lost power at about 5:30, and did not regain their power until after 6am!!

The storms continued all night! I mean all night! Every time we woke up there was loud thunder and bright lightning. Jenna stayed in our room since i was a little fearful of the tornado watches and the window that is in her room, the boys stayed in their room, and never woke up!!! Actually Jenna didn't even wake up, that is until I jumped out of bed so scared the thunder at about 4:15 am. At that time, Jesse decided to go asses the damages. Our back door leaks, however there was no water there. He checked out the front and there was water covering the street, sidewalk and 3/4 of our driveway. At one point Jesse walked down into the water to measure just how much had collected, there was 22 inches of water!! Seriously!! The daycare sustained some minor damage due to the golf course behind it, and some of the surrounding homes also were flooded. We were up after that, and could not go back to sleep so we did what any normal people do at 4:30 in the morning. We called our friends and families. I woke my mom, and my sister, Jesse woke his uncle and brother, then we woke our neighbors, Matt and Vanessa. Matt was a good sport and came and hung out with us in the garage watching the rain until about 6 or so. About an hour later I think Vanessa was lonely, because she came out to join us!! We sat in the garage watching the crazy people trying to drive in the water, and subsequently stay in the water due to stalled out cars. We watched as children rode their bikes through the water. Honestly people, I am a fan of letting the kids play in the rain, but why can't people understand that playing in flood water is just not the same. Ewe!! Schools all over the Houston area closed or opened late. It was crazy!!

We stayed inside all day, and it was quite relaxing.

Streets are still closed due to flooding, as a matter of fact, there have been alligator spottings on the flooded streets. I think they are taking advantage of the extra room to move around in.

Since the flood schools are still closing left and right - why you ask? Well, because of the SWINE FLU!!! Ok, I totally understand the this is something to be concerned about but really, closing schools and businesses??

When listening to the presidential speech this week, AJ said it best "Sure, don't go to work if you feel sick, sure close down the schools with kids that are feeling sick. Who needs to make money? Who needs to learn? We all be ok, right Mr. President?" I couldn't make this stuff up, I wish I had it on video, there were some HILARIOUS hand gestures and eye rolls with that comment!! For seven years old, the child is wise beyond his years, that I think is clearly demonstrated by the fact that he actually watches the presidential speeches!!

So schools closed because of flooding, schools are closing more and more by every passing minute due to the swine flu, and there will be no baseball this weekend since it would be highly unlikely that our very novice players could finagle playing ball while simultaneously kayaking to stay above the ever rising waters in Bear Creek Park.