Thursday, May 7, 2009

The truth about dinosaurs

On our way to the baseball game last night (which I will post about later) Jay decided to share with us what he had been learning about dinosaurs in school.

J: Mom, did you know that dinosaurs did not live with cave men?
Me: Really?
J: Yep, dinosaurs only lived with other dinosaurs. T-Rex's tooth is as big as YOUR head! and He could chomp your head right in half with one bite!
Me: Hmm.
J: God decided that the dinosaurs needed to be extinct because they were too mean, so he called Noah and asked him to build an ark and put all the animals in it.
Me: Really?
J: Yep, and then he made it rain for ever and ever 'till the water was over the dinosaurs heads so they would drown. Because dinosaurs can't swim good since they don't have good swimming arms.
Me: Really? I thought dinosaurs didn't live with people, where did Noah come from? How did God call him?
J: God let Noah live with the dinosaurs cuz he was special, and he had a farm of all the different kinds of animals. So he picked his favorite two of each kind and loaded them on the ark. oh, God called Noah on his cell phone, duh!!

Well, there you have it. God called Noah on his cell phone!

After thinking about it, it may be hard for kids to rationalize all that goes on in the bible and history. Jay has just figured it all out in his head. Kinda cute if I do say so myself.


Melanie said...

HA! I love the way their minds work :) BTW, I'm practicing "extinction" on my own post after being accused of stirring up drama at I'll reply to you here instead!

Nikki B. said...

so cute!!! i love it!!! of course god called him on his cell phone. i wish god would call i can quit "wondering" about all this spirituality stuff!!!

thanks for joining in on the discussion!!