Thursday, May 28, 2009

Changes all Around - and "Purdy Gates"

Wow - this week has seemed like a whirl wind of events!!

Thanks to all that offered up their prayers, the re-org at work had nothing but great opportunities for me and wonderful changes. In a nut shell, I have been moved to yet another position, which required yet another office move. Just get me a red stapler:). Aside from the fact that it took me three days to pack, move, and organize one office to another, I have been sufficiently busy since actually beginning my new position. I have to admit that things get pretty scary when the big wigs start throwing around terms like "re-org", "re-structure", and "holding hands to prevent downsizing" (that was actually in a corporate memo!!). Add to that the fact that I have an utter and complete aversion to change (call it my control issues), needless to say, I have been spinning since last week. One good thing is that, by God's grace, this all happened so fast there was little time for me to think about the fact that there was going to be a big change!! So let the change begin, I love the people that I work with, I am still in the same building, I will still get to work with all the people I worked with before, my new VP is just as flexible and understanding (i.e. doctor appointments, baseball games, and the general need to take a day off for fun every now and then).

We have a mover on our hands... Jenna has been scooting around like a lizard for some time now. She officially started crawling on her knees early last week, although, if she wants to get there fast, she reverts back to the lizard crawl. She has been pulling up for a few days now. Her attempts were there, but due to the fact that she is somewhat vertically challenged, she did not reach anything to pull up on. I sat her in the laundry basket (half full of clothes) to give her a boost and she had a blast!! Standing, sitting, standing, sitting, and giggling the whole time! It was so funny, she really knew that she was doing something new, she had this little look on her face with a huge smile that just screamed “look at me”. We also lowered her crib mattress, she has figured out how to pull up in her crib as well!! She is also sitting on her knees (with her bottom resting on her feet - does that make sense?) to play with toys, or to help give her some height to reach and pull up.

The boys played their last season game last night; we have the team party on Friday, and a few tournaments coming up as well. AJ scored two home runs, assisted at least three other runs, and almost scored a third run, except there is this silly rule in their age division that the players can only advance one base as a result of an error by the other team, so on that play he made it all the way to third!! Way to go AJ!! Jay is showing so much improvement, when he connects the bat with the ball – watch out!! Line drive straight for the pitcher every time! That is absolutely hilarious, because his coach is the pitcher, and he has had to dance some fancy moves to avoid getting hit when Jay’s at bat!! So, the end result of last night’s game... they WON!!! Their first win of the season, they were all so happy, and still such great sports congratulating the other team on a game well played! All the parents were so proud!!

I was going to add a picture, but I haven't taken any in some time, and I haven't downloaded the new ones:(. Pictures will come soon I promise!!