Friday, May 29, 2009

Check it out!!!

Oh, have I got a site for you!!! My dear Bible Study Siesta Stephanie (no alliteration intended) has a wonderful line of absolutely adorable custom clothes for little ones!! She has made a couple of outfits for Jenna and we always get compliments on how cute she is, and how great her clothes are (Stephanie let me know if you need a baby model!!) Any who, check this out!!! Place an order between now June 20, 2009 and save 15% using GRANDOPEN15%!!!

You will not be disappointed!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Changes all Around - and "Purdy Gates"

Wow - this week has seemed like a whirl wind of events!!

Thanks to all that offered up their prayers, the re-org at work had nothing but great opportunities for me and wonderful changes. In a nut shell, I have been moved to yet another position, which required yet another office move. Just get me a red stapler:). Aside from the fact that it took me three days to pack, move, and organize one office to another, I have been sufficiently busy since actually beginning my new position. I have to admit that things get pretty scary when the big wigs start throwing around terms like "re-org", "re-structure", and "holding hands to prevent downsizing" (that was actually in a corporate memo!!). Add to that the fact that I have an utter and complete aversion to change (call it my control issues), needless to say, I have been spinning since last week. One good thing is that, by God's grace, this all happened so fast there was little time for me to think about the fact that there was going to be a big change!! So let the change begin, I love the people that I work with, I am still in the same building, I will still get to work with all the people I worked with before, my new VP is just as flexible and understanding (i.e. doctor appointments, baseball games, and the general need to take a day off for fun every now and then).

We have a mover on our hands... Jenna has been scooting around like a lizard for some time now. She officially started crawling on her knees early last week, although, if she wants to get there fast, she reverts back to the lizard crawl. She has been pulling up for a few days now. Her attempts were there, but due to the fact that she is somewhat vertically challenged, she did not reach anything to pull up on. I sat her in the laundry basket (half full of clothes) to give her a boost and she had a blast!! Standing, sitting, standing, sitting, and giggling the whole time! It was so funny, she really knew that she was doing something new, she had this little look on her face with a huge smile that just screamed “look at me”. We also lowered her crib mattress, she has figured out how to pull up in her crib as well!! She is also sitting on her knees (with her bottom resting on her feet - does that make sense?) to play with toys, or to help give her some height to reach and pull up.

The boys played their last season game last night; we have the team party on Friday, and a few tournaments coming up as well. AJ scored two home runs, assisted at least three other runs, and almost scored a third run, except there is this silly rule in their age division that the players can only advance one base as a result of an error by the other team, so on that play he made it all the way to third!! Way to go AJ!! Jay is showing so much improvement, when he connects the bat with the ball – watch out!! Line drive straight for the pitcher every time! That is absolutely hilarious, because his coach is the pitcher, and he has had to dance some fancy moves to avoid getting hit when Jay’s at bat!! So, the end result of last night’s game... they WON!!! Their first win of the season, they were all so happy, and still such great sports congratulating the other team on a game well played! All the parents were so proud!!

I was going to add a picture, but I haven't taken any in some time, and I haven't downloaded the new ones:(. Pictures will come soon I promise!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday!!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I certainly did not snap at the boys in Wal-Mart. I did not tell them to pay attention before they ran into somebody, and I definitely did not snap at the Wal-Mart employee when he apologized to me for not paying attention (since he thought the first snapping was at him too). And I clearly did not replay the whole dialogue in my mind as I walked away, and I absolutely did not think to myself, “Oh my gosh, I am a b****!” Not me!!
I surely did not get to the medical center an hour early for Jenna’s appointment and then get lost, only to arrive five minutes before her scheduled appointment. I did not then realize that I was only two blocks away to begin with before I was lost, and I positively did not get lost going home!! Not Me!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The truth about dinosaurs

On our way to the baseball game last night (which I will post about later) Jay decided to share with us what he had been learning about dinosaurs in school.

J: Mom, did you know that dinosaurs did not live with cave men?
Me: Really?
J: Yep, dinosaurs only lived with other dinosaurs. T-Rex's tooth is as big as YOUR head! and He could chomp your head right in half with one bite!
Me: Hmm.
J: God decided that the dinosaurs needed to be extinct because they were too mean, so he called Noah and asked him to build an ark and put all the animals in it.
Me: Really?
J: Yep, and then he made it rain for ever and ever 'till the water was over the dinosaurs heads so they would drown. Because dinosaurs can't swim good since they don't have good swimming arms.
Me: Really? I thought dinosaurs didn't live with people, where did Noah come from? How did God call him?
J: God let Noah live with the dinosaurs cuz he was special, and he had a farm of all the different kinds of animals. So he picked his favorite two of each kind and loaded them on the ark. oh, God called Noah on his cell phone, duh!!

Well, there you have it. God called Noah on his cell phone!

After thinking about it, it may be hard for kids to rationalize all that goes on in the bible and history. Jay has just figured it all out in his head. Kinda cute if I do say so myself.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday!! Is Back:)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not take extra time to walk around the office the day after the cleaning crew came to ensure I was the first one to use the toilet (and put the seat down) every time I used the restroom before lunch. Not Me!!

I did not have to ask my child if he remembered to put on some underwear before we left for school, as we were backing out of the driveway, and then have to pull back into the driveway and send him back inside the house after I got his answer, nope Not Me!!

I did not ask our VP where Frob and Betty were, when I really meant Bob and Freddie, and totally would not have laughed so hard I snorted, during a conference call. Never! Not Me!!!

I did not convince my sister that she needed to go to the doctor on a Saturday because she had every symptom of the swine flu and I did not tell her that she was unnecessarily infecting her two small children with said swine flu. Not me! (oh, and the "Swine Flu" she has is really a bad sinus infection)

Friday, May 1, 2009

What a week!!

Wow, Monday afternoon Jesse called and told me it was going to start raining, and that I should try to leave work early. He also said he was on his way home and he would pick up the kids from daycare. I know I should have listened to him, but honestly I think sometimes he tends to err on the side of caution, so I chocked the rain up to regular old Houston thunderstorms.

Only, they were not regular. By the time I got home the neighbor had already emptied 3 inches of water from his rain gauge. I narrowly missed a tornado, and my sister had to drive home with one near her the entire time!! Once home, the lights were flashing off and on, I decided the best bet was hurry up and heat up some left overs and get things gathered for the next day in case our power goes out for the night. Oddly enough, we did not loose power (maybe they actually fixed it after Ike, and almost 20 days with out power then) our neighbors however, (the ones who had power with in a couple of days of Ike) lost power at about 5:30, and did not regain their power until after 6am!!

The storms continued all night! I mean all night! Every time we woke up there was loud thunder and bright lightning. Jenna stayed in our room since i was a little fearful of the tornado watches and the window that is in her room, the boys stayed in their room, and never woke up!!! Actually Jenna didn't even wake up, that is until I jumped out of bed so scared the thunder at about 4:15 am. At that time, Jesse decided to go asses the damages. Our back door leaks, however there was no water there. He checked out the front and there was water covering the street, sidewalk and 3/4 of our driveway. At one point Jesse walked down into the water to measure just how much had collected, there was 22 inches of water!! Seriously!! The daycare sustained some minor damage due to the golf course behind it, and some of the surrounding homes also were flooded. We were up after that, and could not go back to sleep so we did what any normal people do at 4:30 in the morning. We called our friends and families. I woke my mom, and my sister, Jesse woke his uncle and brother, then we woke our neighbors, Matt and Vanessa. Matt was a good sport and came and hung out with us in the garage watching the rain until about 6 or so. About an hour later I think Vanessa was lonely, because she came out to join us!! We sat in the garage watching the crazy people trying to drive in the water, and subsequently stay in the water due to stalled out cars. We watched as children rode their bikes through the water. Honestly people, I am a fan of letting the kids play in the rain, but why can't people understand that playing in flood water is just not the same. Ewe!! Schools all over the Houston area closed or opened late. It was crazy!!

We stayed inside all day, and it was quite relaxing.

Streets are still closed due to flooding, as a matter of fact, there have been alligator spottings on the flooded streets. I think they are taking advantage of the extra room to move around in.

Since the flood schools are still closing left and right - why you ask? Well, because of the SWINE FLU!!! Ok, I totally understand the this is something to be concerned about but really, closing schools and businesses??

When listening to the presidential speech this week, AJ said it best "Sure, don't go to work if you feel sick, sure close down the schools with kids that are feeling sick. Who needs to make money? Who needs to learn? We all be ok, right Mr. President?" I couldn't make this stuff up, I wish I had it on video, there were some HILARIOUS hand gestures and eye rolls with that comment!! For seven years old, the child is wise beyond his years, that I think is clearly demonstrated by the fact that he actually watches the presidential speeches!!

So schools closed because of flooding, schools are closing more and more by every passing minute due to the swine flu, and there will be no baseball this weekend since it would be highly unlikely that our very novice players could finagle playing ball while simultaneously kayaking to stay above the ever rising waters in Bear Creek Park.