Monday, April 20, 2009

Mountains of Laundry

Well, we have determined that Jenna has some sort of an extream sensitivity to either the beef or something they put into the meat. I fed her some beef and she seemed to enjoy it, however when she woke up the next day she had a rash, a blistery rash on her face. I thought that I may have inadvertanty forgotten to wash her face completely when my washing machine decided to get mad at the water inside of it and let it al out on my floor, so the next day I fed her beef again. Sure enough, the rash was back, and worse. It had dissappeared while she was at daycare the day before, but it was back and back with a vengence, this time it was all over her face, not just on her mouth, and on her arms and chest too. We have decided to stay away from any beef products and processed baby food. I spent yesterday making our little Princess chicken, broccoli, green beans, and peas.

She absolutely loved the chicken!!! I will post pictures of that later, but I will advise any of you out there with older children not to entrust them to help with the feeding process. Umm, this is what happened, I sat down to feed Jenna and after several spoonfuls realized that I forgot to put her formula in a cup so that she could have a drink with her dinner. I asked AJ (7yo) to feed her a couple of spoonfuls while I grabbed her cup. I came back to chicken everywhere!!! I know, I know, you are probably thinking I am a looney tune for letting him try. In my defense this is the same young man that will get Jenna out of her crib, change her diaper and her clothes and attempt to feed her a bottle on Saturday and Sunday mornings so that mom and dad can rest - what a sweet, sweet blessing he is!!! So, what happened while I was gone for 32 seconds??? AJ decided that Jenna wanted to feed herself. Umm really?? AJ's response?? "Honest mom, she told me to let her do it herself!" Well, we'll let her try that again in a few months:)!

This weekend the weather was awful!!! All afternoon Friday it rained, no poured!! That continued all day Saturday too!!! Needless to say, baseball was cancelled, Jesse was working, and the boys and I had all day Saturday and all day Sunday to clean the house and catch up on chores!!

I washed, folded and put away over twenty loads of laundry!! A few weeks ago our washer broke, we got a new one, but I have been struggling to tackle that monster since then!! Also early last week the drain hose from the washer decided it did not like to be in the wall draining the water the way it should but it wanted to visit my laundry room floor. This decision also allowed the water from the load of laundry I was trying to wash to meet my floor - my bedroom floor, my living room floor, my laundry room floor and the hallway floor. They became great acquaintances, the floor and water, as I scrambled around the house searching for every towel we own to clean up the mess. that was lesson one in futility, there are not enough towels in heaven to clean up that much water. Lesson two came when the mop was no help either! What was I supposed to do?? I used every basket of dirty laundry to soak up the river flowing through my house. Honestly where is Moses when you need him?? That my friends was lesson number three. Nothing worked! I was home with all three kiddos BY MYSELF, Jesse was at class. He walked in the door after about ETERNITY, or maybe fifteen minutes, who's counting? And he, my knight in shining armor cleaned the whole mess up, all the water, all the wet clothes, all the wet towels, my living room area rug (which was the only casualty from the whole ordeal). Praise Jesus my husband is calm under pressure because I am not!! I am a basket case, I fly off the handle, and I do not have any common sense - under pressure that is. So that is the story of why we had that much to wash to begin with. However, the feat is not that it is cleaned, the feat is that it is actually folded/hung and put away!!! I have no problem washing clothes (I mean seriously how hard is it to put the clothes to wash and then dry?) that part I don't mind at all. I hate to fold and hate even more to put clothes on hangers and hate even more than that to put it all away. But God gave me the strength, and an awful rainy day with nothing better to do, to get it all done!!

Whew - that was a lot!!!

Happy Monday, and Please keep Stellan in your prayers and wear orange tomorrow, Stellan is having surgery to correct his heart arrhythmia!!! We all love you Stellan and MckMama, and the rest of the MckFamily for that matter. He will live, because He willed him to.