Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For the past five years we have had a crawfish boil every Easter Sunday. It started as a spur of the moment craving on Easter Sunday 2004. The weather was horrible; I think it was in the 40’s and raining non-stop! My Uncle Charlie suggested that we do a crawfish boil, of course we thought he was nuts since the weather was so bad, but he and my dad went and bought crawfish, potatoes, corn, and all the fixings for the event. Every year since then we have continued having the crawfish boil, the crowd just keeps getting bigger. Two years later my uncle was diagnosed with cancer. At the time they said he would live less than one year. They were right, he passed away Sept 19, 2006. We have kept tradition going and have had wonderful weather every Easter for our crawfish boil.

This year the weather started off awful!! Not quite as cold as our first year, but just as rainy and yucky outside. Just as we were leaving the house to go join everyone at my parents the rain started letting up. By the time we arrived, there was no rain, and with in minutes of our arrival there was sun, and blue skies!!! Truth be told we could not have asked for a better day!! It was such a blessing on a day that is very difficult for us as a family, we celebrate for He has risen, but we morn the loss of a very close family member.

Anywho – the kids would not stay still and I found my self going a hundred miles an hour as well. There are a few pictures of us. The best part of this year was that we were able to enjoy the company of some of my relatives that flew in from New York. My Aunt Paula – I had not seen in a year – My Cousin Jessica – I had not seen in over a year – and my Uncle Dave who extended his stay in Houston so that he could partake in the mudbug consumption as well!!
We had a blast! It was so much fun! Several neighbors came over to visit, some I had not seen in years. It truly was an amazing day!

Me, Jessica, Katy


Jenna and her butterfly from the Easter Bunny

Jay, Jenna, and Peyton


Jessica, and my brother Joe

Jesse, Me, and Jenna

The Mudbugs:)

Emmy and Jenna chillin

Round one!

More will come later, I am on picture overload!!