Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball, Prayers, and Thanks

Please continue to pray for little Stellan, it seems as though he did well through surgery, but they were hoping for a better outcome. It appears that he still very easily slips back into SVT on his own.

MckMama wrote a post yesterday titled Why bother praying?, which led me to contemplate some and I have my own answers that I wanted to share but they were a bit too lengthy to put in a comment on her blog. More to come on that one - I am sure it might be a long one:)

The boys had a baseball game last night, and they almost won!!! They are getting so good! The team is really beginning to work well together! Now let's see if we can get them all to be able to hit the ball.

Jenna is doing remarkably well!! We are gaining little to no weight, but we are taking every ounce or part of an ounce that we can get!!! She is so close to crawling! Oh, and did I mention that the girl loves chicken?? No - I didn't? Well she does, the girl can eat some chicken. Other than that, there is no real news on the home front, as of yet. (I do not want to jinx us you know?) Jenna has not had any colds, allergies, or respiratory issues since the last bout that put her in the hospital (well, there ws the incident with the beef, but that was minor!). Praise Jesus for that!! AJ has been a little more sneezy, but he is allergic to EVERYTHING, so that is expected this time of year - basically he will live on Singulair, Claritin, and the occasional dose of Bendadryl (which affects him much the same as it does me - that is it makes the kid HYPER!!!) hence the occasional dose!!

Thanks for all who have prayed for Jesse's new position, he is doing so well, I am so proud of him!!! He just finished his first round of classes, and has put several bids out and gotten most of the jobs he has bid on too!! Way to go babe!!

Please also take some time to head over to my sweet friend Ann Marie's blog and maybe even donate to the March of Dimes Walk, if nothing else I know that they can use your prayers!!

More will come later...