Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

What a busy weekend we had!!!

Saturday we were up bright and early for the boys baseball game. The game started a 9 am so we had to be on the field at 8:15:)!! No sleeping in for us!! Jesse went into work to check on a job, and met us over at the game just before it started. Cousin Ricky also joined us to watch the boys play. The boys did wonderfully!! Still not a win, but AJ scored 3 runs and Jay scored 1, the final score was 9-6 in favor of the Astros. Not bad, certainly better than the shut out game they played a couple of weeks ago that was 16-1!!! All in all there is some major improvement on the team!! Jay was so excited when he made it to third base!! He hit the ball and stopped on first, next player up hit the ball, and Jay advanced to second, he looks around, no ball in the infield so he decides to advance to third. All you could see was a big toothless grin (they still haven't come in yet) and a happy boy shaking his booty while he waited for the next batter to bring him home. That is just what happened too!! AJ, is well on his way to attempt to steal a base (which is not permitted at their level of play - being that the coach is the pitcher and all). He is so serious on the field too!! He knows where all the players are at, where the ball is at all times, and how many strikes and pitches the batter has gotten - the boy has a memory that you would not believe!! Tell him something once, he will remember forever!!!

Sunday we were up bright and early to join the Kolkhorst family and the rest of Team Coy for the March of Dimes walk. It was a beautiful day, and the breeze was just right! The boys stayed with my mom, and Jenna tagged along, she did great until the last bit, but I had a great stroller pusher while I carried her the rest of the way. Thanks so much Mrs. Kolkhorst!!

Really, this is the sweetest family I have ever had the pleasure of spending my time with. They are truly amazing - all of them!! Ree and Chris are so blessed to have these wonderful people in their corner!!

Let's just say that I am feeling the 5K walk today!!

Sunday evening we spent some time at my parents and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon outside - did I mention the weather was great?? It was!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball, Prayers, and Thanks

Please continue to pray for little Stellan, it seems as though he did well through surgery, but they were hoping for a better outcome. It appears that he still very easily slips back into SVT on his own.

MckMama wrote a post yesterday titled Why bother praying?, which led me to contemplate some and I have my own answers that I wanted to share but they were a bit too lengthy to put in a comment on her blog. More to come on that one - I am sure it might be a long one:)

The boys had a baseball game last night, and they almost won!!! They are getting so good! The team is really beginning to work well together! Now let's see if we can get them all to be able to hit the ball.

Jenna is doing remarkably well!! We are gaining little to no weight, but we are taking every ounce or part of an ounce that we can get!!! She is so close to crawling! Oh, and did I mention that the girl loves chicken?? No - I didn't? Well she does, the girl can eat some chicken. Other than that, there is no real news on the home front, as of yet. (I do not want to jinx us you know?) Jenna has not had any colds, allergies, or respiratory issues since the last bout that put her in the hospital (well, there ws the incident with the beef, but that was minor!). Praise Jesus for that!! AJ has been a little more sneezy, but he is allergic to EVERYTHING, so that is expected this time of year - basically he will live on Singulair, Claritin, and the occasional dose of Bendadryl (which affects him much the same as it does me - that is it makes the kid HYPER!!!) hence the occasional dose!!

Thanks for all who have prayed for Jesse's new position, he is doing so well, I am so proud of him!!! He just finished his first round of classes, and has put several bids out and gotten most of the jobs he has bid on too!! Way to go babe!!

Please also take some time to head over to my sweet friend Ann Marie's blog and maybe even donate to the March of Dimes Walk, if nothing else I know that they can use your prayers!!

More will come later...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orange For Stellan

Please continue to pray this morning, Stellan is in surgery, after a very rough night. Check here to see all the people wearing orange for Stellan. The boys picked out their clothes last night, and picked out Jenna's too. Can you find them on MckMama's blog? The boys are so sweet, they told me that every time they eat or drink today, they will say a prayer for baby Stellan. They continued to add that God made Stellan special so that all these people would know Him, and that Stellan is such a cute baby, so all these people would want to look at him, so God will heal him. I think it is funny how their minds work. They also said they would pray every time they saw something orange. I am sure that this will stick with them for a long time.
The kids had a good night, Jenna is so close to crawling! It scares me and excites me at the same time!! I love to watch her reach all these milestones, but at the same time it is such a bittersweet feeling. We are quite sure that she will forever be the "baby" of our family and that no more will follow her. So while I am excited to watch her as she grows, I am sad to see her not be such a baby anymore. She is so independent and not such a cuddly girl :(.
She gives kisses when she wants to, but strictly on her terms. It is hilarious to watch!! The other night Jesse was trying to give her kisses before I laid her down, he would move in to kiss her cheek and she would wrinkle her nose and turn her head away from him. As soon as he stopped trying for the kiss she opened her mouth and leaned in to him, he would turn to give her a kiss and she would turn away again with her nose all scrunched up. I was laughing so hard I could barely stand there holding her. Eventually she gave in and gave her daddy several kisses before bed, but it was the funniest thing ever!! And she knew it too!
We are in for some trouble with this one, I can already tell!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mountains of Laundry

Well, we have determined that Jenna has some sort of an extream sensitivity to either the beef or something they put into the meat. I fed her some beef and she seemed to enjoy it, however when she woke up the next day she had a rash, a blistery rash on her face. I thought that I may have inadvertanty forgotten to wash her face completely when my washing machine decided to get mad at the water inside of it and let it al out on my floor, so the next day I fed her beef again. Sure enough, the rash was back, and worse. It had dissappeared while she was at daycare the day before, but it was back and back with a vengence, this time it was all over her face, not just on her mouth, and on her arms and chest too. We have decided to stay away from any beef products and processed baby food. I spent yesterday making our little Princess chicken, broccoli, green beans, and peas.

She absolutely loved the chicken!!! I will post pictures of that later, but I will advise any of you out there with older children not to entrust them to help with the feeding process. Umm, this is what happened, I sat down to feed Jenna and after several spoonfuls realized that I forgot to put her formula in a cup so that she could have a drink with her dinner. I asked AJ (7yo) to feed her a couple of spoonfuls while I grabbed her cup. I came back to chicken everywhere!!! I know, I know, you are probably thinking I am a looney tune for letting him try. In my defense this is the same young man that will get Jenna out of her crib, change her diaper and her clothes and attempt to feed her a bottle on Saturday and Sunday mornings so that mom and dad can rest - what a sweet, sweet blessing he is!!! So, what happened while I was gone for 32 seconds??? AJ decided that Jenna wanted to feed herself. Umm really?? AJ's response?? "Honest mom, she told me to let her do it herself!" Well, we'll let her try that again in a few months:)!

This weekend the weather was awful!!! All afternoon Friday it rained, no poured!! That continued all day Saturday too!!! Needless to say, baseball was cancelled, Jesse was working, and the boys and I had all day Saturday and all day Sunday to clean the house and catch up on chores!!

I washed, folded and put away over twenty loads of laundry!! A few weeks ago our washer broke, we got a new one, but I have been struggling to tackle that monster since then!! Also early last week the drain hose from the washer decided it did not like to be in the wall draining the water the way it should but it wanted to visit my laundry room floor. This decision also allowed the water from the load of laundry I was trying to wash to meet my floor - my bedroom floor, my living room floor, my laundry room floor and the hallway floor. They became great acquaintances, the floor and water, as I scrambled around the house searching for every towel we own to clean up the mess. that was lesson one in futility, there are not enough towels in heaven to clean up that much water. Lesson two came when the mop was no help either! What was I supposed to do?? I used every basket of dirty laundry to soak up the river flowing through my house. Honestly where is Moses when you need him?? That my friends was lesson number three. Nothing worked! I was home with all three kiddos BY MYSELF, Jesse was at class. He walked in the door after about ETERNITY, or maybe fifteen minutes, who's counting? And he, my knight in shining armor cleaned the whole mess up, all the water, all the wet clothes, all the wet towels, my living room area rug (which was the only casualty from the whole ordeal). Praise Jesus my husband is calm under pressure because I am not!! I am a basket case, I fly off the handle, and I do not have any common sense - under pressure that is. So that is the story of why we had that much to wash to begin with. However, the feat is not that it is cleaned, the feat is that it is actually folded/hung and put away!!! I have no problem washing clothes (I mean seriously how hard is it to put the clothes to wash and then dry?) that part I don't mind at all. I hate to fold and hate even more to put clothes on hangers and hate even more than that to put it all away. But God gave me the strength, and an awful rainy day with nothing better to do, to get it all done!!

Whew - that was a lot!!!

Happy Monday, and Please keep Stellan in your prayers and wear orange tomorrow, Stellan is having surgery to correct his heart arrhythmia!!! We all love you Stellan and MckMama, and the rest of the MckFamily for that matter. He will live, because He willed him to.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prayers for Stellan and the Princess

Just a quick post, I took the kids to daycare this morning, and on the way there the boys said Jenna had red dots on her face. I literally woke her up, changed her and put her in her car seat, and to be honest it was all in the dark, so I had not noticed these red dots. They are just on her face, mainly around her mouth and chin area with a few on her forehead and a couple on the inside of her elbows. I am thinking that maybe I might not have cleaned her face well after she had her meds last night, or it could be an allergic reaction to the beef she ate. They are going to call me if they notice anything more, and I am going to call the doctor - when they open at 9 am - but please pray that it is nothing more than an allergic reaction or some sort of topical reaction.

On a more serious note, please keep Stellan and MckMama and the rest of the MckFamily in your prayers today. They will be headed to Boston via LifeLink to be in the direct care of Stellan's electrophysiologist. This is such a sweet family and such a precious little man they have!! Pray for the doctors wisdom as they continue to treat Stellan, pray for God's hand in all that is being done, pray for an easy transition as MckMama and Stellan travel and the rest of the MckFamily stays behind, pray that Stellan will return home to his MckSiblings and will grow big and strong playing with them all!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baseball Fever...and then some

Ok, so the Astros aren't doing so great and to be honest neither are our little cardinals. However, the boys are having so much fun, and they have met a couple of kids that will be friends of theirs for a good while to say the least. Hey it helps when the moms and dads get along too!!

They have yet to win a game, but to quote AJ, "We are learning how to be good losers". Ha!! Each game is a big improvement for their team, only 2 of the eleven had played before, and that was in T-Ball, this year they are all playing in the coach pitch division (we could use a better pitcher, but since I would do worse, we are better off with what we have).

AJ hits the ball almost every time he is at bat, and Jay is getting there! AJ had his first run this Monday, and even though there was no one on home plate trying to tag him out, he still slid!! I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but Jenna was not cooperating. Daddy was at class, and was very sad he missed seeing the game. AJ has not stopped talking about it! Since family was still in town from the Easter holiday, they all came to see the boys play. Our very sweet neighbor also came with her daughter as well! So the boys had quite an audience at this game. They loved it!!!

Let's talk about Jenna, the girl loves to watch her brothers!! When we are at the game her eyes are on them! Probably a good thing they are wearing red, she can probably see it better. She is on the verge of crawling, about to get her first tooth, eating much better, and having two BMs a day (at least for the last three days) - I know that is probably TMI, but hey when she wasn't going but a couple of times a week, it gets exciting!!! Jenna had her 6 month check up, she is 16 lbs 14 oz and 26.5 inches long. We are praising God that she has gained weight and we have been given the ok to start her on baby foods.

We are going to start with the meats since they are higher in protein and iron, then move to the veggies, and finally to the desserts. I made all the boys baby food but we started with veggies and fruits and then moved to meats with them, so by the time they were eating meat, they were eating finger foods. The long and the short of it - i have never made homemade meat baby food. Any suggestions??? We are feeding cereal with a spoon this week, to get her used to eating from a spoon again, so this weekend I will be making my first attempt to puree meat!! Please pray that I can get it right, and Jenna will eat and tolerate the meats well.

Jesse was given a promotion at work a little over a month ago. I think he is doing great, but I am asking for prayers to put his mind at ease. He is a worrier, and he does not like change very much. Prayers for him would be great!!

Also, my MIL had a mammogram that showed some areas of concern, she is due to have an additional diagnostic procedure done soon, please pray that all turns out well with this too.

I will leave you with my current favorite picture of the kiddos.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For the past five years we have had a crawfish boil every Easter Sunday. It started as a spur of the moment craving on Easter Sunday 2004. The weather was horrible; I think it was in the 40’s and raining non-stop! My Uncle Charlie suggested that we do a crawfish boil, of course we thought he was nuts since the weather was so bad, but he and my dad went and bought crawfish, potatoes, corn, and all the fixings for the event. Every year since then we have continued having the crawfish boil, the crowd just keeps getting bigger. Two years later my uncle was diagnosed with cancer. At the time they said he would live less than one year. They were right, he passed away Sept 19, 2006. We have kept tradition going and have had wonderful weather every Easter for our crawfish boil.

This year the weather started off awful!! Not quite as cold as our first year, but just as rainy and yucky outside. Just as we were leaving the house to go join everyone at my parents the rain started letting up. By the time we arrived, there was no rain, and with in minutes of our arrival there was sun, and blue skies!!! Truth be told we could not have asked for a better day!! It was such a blessing on a day that is very difficult for us as a family, we celebrate for He has risen, but we morn the loss of a very close family member.

Anywho – the kids would not stay still and I found my self going a hundred miles an hour as well. There are a few pictures of us. The best part of this year was that we were able to enjoy the company of some of my relatives that flew in from New York. My Aunt Paula – I had not seen in a year – My Cousin Jessica – I had not seen in over a year – and my Uncle Dave who extended his stay in Houston so that he could partake in the mudbug consumption as well!!
We had a blast! It was so much fun! Several neighbors came over to visit, some I had not seen in years. It truly was an amazing day!

Me, Jessica, Katy


Jenna and her butterfly from the Easter Bunny

Jay, Jenna, and Peyton


Jessica, and my brother Joe

Jesse, Me, and Jenna

The Mudbugs:)

Emmy and Jenna chillin

Round one!

More will come later, I am on picture overload!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We are home

I just wanted to post quickly to say that we are home, Jenna is doing better - not great yet - but better. I will post more later we had tons of doctor's appointments yesterday- and by tons I mean three, but all in different parts of Houston. That is an entirely different post in itself. I have so much to post about, but I need to sit for a while and collect my thoughts.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes!!