Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prayers Needed for Jenna

I am sitting in the critical care unit with my sweet girl laying in a crib next to me.
We came in last night after a two week stint with a respirtory infection (treated with antibiotics) and a continuing cough, Jenna started running a fever yesterday afternoon. My concern was that she had already been taking tylenol due to her teething. I called her Dr. and he advised uss to go to the ER so they could get another chest x-ray and rn some blood work.
So, we came in, the x-ray showed slight infilrate in both lungs. The bloodwork shows that the infection is viral anf not bacterial. we finally got a room at 3:30 this morning, aftr they decided to admit her at about midnight. Truth be told I was hoping the Dr. would all but tell me I was over reacting and send us on our way. That was not the case, and thinking that it was a possability that we would be staying I was praying that we did not get on of the nurses we had the last time we were in here with her in November.

I am going to have to pause there the little princess is stirring.