Sunday, March 29, 2009

It was her...8

Ok, Jenna is now comfortably resting on her daddy's chest.

We were taken form the ER by stretcher to the critical care unit, as we were wheeled to our room, I recognized the hallway. We were here in November, the same hallway, would we have the same room? we did not, we were just down the hall though. When they wheeled us into the room, I looked at the board, Oh goodness no, it was the same nurse:(.

You guys don't understand, the last time we were here, Jenna had RSV and pneumonia, this nurse turned the temperature down to 68 degrees, took Jenna out of her blankets and took off her socks. My poor baby was so cold, she was shivering, and her legs and arms were blue. The nurse would leave and I would turn up the heat, cover Jenna and put her socks back on, she would come back and turn down the temp, uncover Jenna and take off her socks. It was awful, I finally called the charge nurse, and the Dr. and complained. Shortly after that the nurse decided she wanted to exchange words with me. Little did she know, I was not going to be pushed around.

Luckily, this time we didn't have that same problem. Although it could have something to do with the fact that we were not roomed until 3:30 and her shift was over at 7am. This I know was God's way of telling me that I don't get to make the calls. It did not matter that I prayed not to have her as our nurse, God heard me, I know that, I just needed a gentle reminder that He is in control.

Our night was not too bad, there was no sleeping really. Jenna is eating well, and sleeping well this afternoon. She has been very feisty! She keeps kicking off her O2 sensor and the nurse comes running, I can't tell it's off since she is swaddled. Jenna just laughs and kicks her feet even harder as the nurse tries to put it back on her. At one point she removed the sensor from her toe and placed it on her thumb, it was really quite cute and I had the sense to take picture (that I will upload later since I do not have my camera cord right now).

The nurse just came in and took Jenna's vitals, she is running a fever again, not high, but she has been taking Tylenol every four hours. Her heart rate is a little more elevated than they would like, in the 170's but right now, they are attributing that to the fever.

That is all I have for now.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated!


amy said...

oh goodness- i'm so sorry. praying for sweet baby jenna. so glad she's being feisty and silly- that makes a mom feel a bit better! keep us posted.