Thursday, February 12, 2009


Just stopping in real quick to ask for a couple of prayers.

1. AJ has pneumonia in his left lung which has also caused his left lung to collapse. At this point there is not a need for hospitalization. He has not run a fever, and his O2 Sat levels remain between 92-94% (not great, but not too bad considering he is working on one lung!!!) He is under very close supervision with no physical activity - hard enough for him to sit still, but he doesn't even fell sick (minor complaints of chest pain and coughing), so that makes it even harder to get him to sit still!! Please pray that he continues to feel as well as he has and that his body can fight off this infection rather quickly (once the infection is gone, we are hoping that the lung will re-inflate on its own).

2. Jenna has been fighting the bottle; she does not want to have anything to do with it. We have taken the cereal away in hopes that her appetite would increase. This has not happened. She has been closely monitored for the past 6-8 weeks to insure she is not loosing weight. At this point she has not lost any weight, however, she has not gained any either. She is sitting pretty at 14 lbs 12 oz and 25.5 inches long. By no means does she look unhealthy, but she has now dropped down to the 75th percentile for her weight, where as before she was in the 95th percentile. We need her to eat, if she drops any lower we will have to go to the specialist. If she reaches the 70th percentile (this would be too great of a decline on the growth chart based on her birth weight and growth thus far) she would be put into a category of "failure to thrive". As of right now her diagnosis is anorexia - really??? My four month old is anorexic??? Please pray that she continues to eat, and that her appetite increases, and that she does not drop below the 70th percentile.

Thank you so much!!!


Holly said...

Oh dear, I hope things have started to improve since you posted this entry!