Wednesday, January 14, 2009

They are all growing up....

Ok, so I cried my eyes out the night AJ turned 7. All day I was fine, we were out of town, had an impromtu birthday party for him with all his cousins in Louisianna, drove all the way back to Houston, unloaded the truck, started laundry, put the kids in bed, and put myself in bed. As I laid there thinking about the day, and our wonderful weekend we spent with family, I realized that my baby was seven. SEVEN!!! Ya'll that is half way to a teenager, half way to a young man, so far away from being my baby boy, he is growing up, and there is nothing I can do about it - except watch. He is amazing, selfless, and such a big helper! Come on, he actually asks to change diapers - which I am ashamed to admit I don't let him because I just think it is a little too creepy in my mind for him to change his sister's diaper. I know I changed my brothers' but it just seems wierd to me. Anywho, he is the best big brother I could have asked for when it comes to the other two. He loves to teach them what he has learned, read to them, explain things to them (even things that are a little warped from his perspective). Jay looks up to his brother and the two of them are inseperable. They share the same friends, and we are very lucky that they are the leaders, not the followers.

AJ has had many occasions when his group of firend begin to do something they are not allowed to do, he tells them "That is not good behavior, you will get into trouble" and he offers an alternitive, and then walks away. I get numerous calls from his teacher, and other teachers to tell me what they have witnessed in my son. More oftern than not, the kids decide against the "bad behavior" and follow AJ to the alternitive. I have see this with my own eyes a couple of times, but to know that that is just his character is humbling. He is not waiting for the kids to change their minds and decide to play well with one another, it is just something that happens. He is a people pleaser, which I fear will eventually get him into trouble, but if he takes his own advice, I know he will do just fine!! He looks up to his dad with so much respect and admiration, and he always asks what he can do to help me out. His newest chore is helping with dinner and he loves it, I love spending the time with him, and it doesn't hurt that he is actually learning and looks forward to the day when he can cook dinner all by himself. I am secretly waiting for that day too!!!

In a week my little man will be 6. Since the arrival of our little princess I thought that Jay would have some major breakdowns, and major problems with Jenna stealling his spot as the baby. He has not. He absolutely adores his little sister, and tells everyone about her. When she starts to fuss he says "don't cry my big baby" or "what's the matter little cutie-patootie". It is adorable. The conversations he has with his brother are hilarious, I honestly wish I had a recorder in the car because I can never remember what they talk about once we get home. Jay is such a free spirit, with no cares and no worries. he is also one of the most loving people I know. He does not like to see his brother upset or hurt, nor does he want to see his sister upset or hurt. Let's just say that he is not allowed to go to any check ups that involve shots, he cries more than the one that gets the shot. He generally has very hard shell, but at the same time is is such a sensitive person when it comes to his dealings with other people. He has the same exact personality as his father, which at times is aweful because they are both so strong willed, temperamenatal, and just plain stubborn. But, when they are not butting heads, they communicate with one another like no two other people. He has to hug me at least ten times in the morning before school and another ten when we get home. He has kisses and hugs for his sister all day long!

My little princess is three months old. After crying about AJ, and realizing that Jay was right behind him, I then realized that it wasn't all that long ago when they were babies like Jenna. That made my mind spin, and I then realized it would not be too long before Jenna was 6 or 7. Oh my word!!! At that moment there was a song on the radio, which for the life of me I can not recall the name or the words. The song made me cry my eyes out thinking that would be Jenna in such a short time! She is so big already compared to when we brought her home. She sleeps all night, she rolls over, she is teething, she is trying really hard to sit up. She has such a little personality, thank the Lord she is a morning person, and I hope it stays that way. We need another one of those around the house!!! She has her daddy wrapped around her fingers, and melts her mama's heart everytime she smiles and laughs. She is cooing constntly, even in her sleep.

I guess my point is that my babies are growing up, and I truely wish that I will remember them just the way they are, that i will remember their sweet faces, smiles, laughs and voices.