Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laughter Lives

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Let me start by setting the scene, we always have Sunday dinner at my parents house. This is a house that is forever full of people, not in a bad way, but the good - everyone in the neighborhood likes to hang out and have fun there - way. So of course we were there, kids in tow.

The adults were playing pool in the game room and the kids were eating dinner watching a movie in living room. Jenna, baby Silva, was also in the living room in the swing just sleeping away - or so I thought. Right in the middle of one of my only games I have ever been even close to winning, Jenna starts fussing. Jay comes out and this is what follows...

Jay - Mom can you come get Jenna she's too noisey?

Me - I am right in the midle of this game, give her her paci and I will be there in a minute.

He leaves.
He comes back.

Jay - Mom it's not working she just spits it out.

Me - I am finishing up right now, I will be there soon, just talk to her.

My Dad aka Papa - She's fine let her fuss a bit she needs to develop her lungs.

He leaves.
He comes back.

Jay - Papa she is really annoying with all her noise!

My Dad aka Papa - She's your sister she is supposed to annoy you, maybe you guys picked a bad time to watch a movie.

Jay - No, you guys picked a bad place to leave her.

Well, I uess we may or may not take that into consideration next time.

This is usually how Jenna spends her Sunday evenings.