Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Holiday in a Nutshell

Oh my goodness where do I start??? Last time I blogged we were all doing well and we were all healthy. That was before all the craziness we call weather around here!!!
Jenna ended up getting the dreaded RSV and it very quickly turned into pneumoniaL!! When I say quickly, I mean she started running a fever just about 2 am the day after Thanksgiving and we were in the ER (because the Dr. Office was closed) by 11:30 am. We spent the rest of the weekend in the Hospital, and the boys stayed with my mom.

The kids’ doctor is one of the doctors that own and operate this great new hospital just down the street. Jesse thinks it is funny to watch the staff jump around when you mention our Dr.’s name. I think it’s funny that the staff jumps at his name to begin with! Our Dr. is one of the most laid back people that you could meet – ever!!!

Any who, Jenna was in the hospital and received royal treatment from all the staff, AJ’s Immunologist happened to be on call that weekend so she was very well cared for and by Sunday, they could not see or hear any trace of the pneumonia at all!!! We were given a clean bill of health and sent home with some breathing treatments and a follow-up visit with her Dr. on the following Tuesday. Tuesday we went in and she was given another clean bill of health with Dr.’s orders to gain some weight. She had lost just over a pound during the four days that she was sick:(. Poor baby. We also rescheduled her 2 month check up since it was due that Thursday.

Jenna and her tiny baby mask.

Jenna awake and playing with the mask.

Jenna fighting the mask.

The next weekend, I had to work on Saturday, Jesse had to work and my Grandfather came in from Phoenix. I took Jenna with me to work, the boys went to my sisters and Jesse went to work. Friday night we were at my parents breaking in the new pool table, and did not leave there until a little past 1 am. I was not loving work the next day, but Jenna was a gem and behaved beautifully!!! After work, I picked up the boys, and met Jesse at the house; we rested for a short while and then headed back over to my mom’s to visit with my Grandfather some more. And then we were back there on Sunday for dinner and some more pool fun!

Papa Al, Jenna, and Emmy

The next weekend was the children’s Christmas party my work sponsors at the Museum of Natural Science. Every year they ask the parents to choose gifts for their kids from Toys R Us (a $20 maximum) and then they provide lunch for the kiddos, desserts, a craft project for the children, and a tour of the museum. Once back in the party room, the kids sit down and welcome Santa, and then they each receive a gift from Santa.

Listening to Santa Read.

AJ and Santa.

Jay and Santa.

Jenna and Santa.

My babies with Santa.

The next weekend was my last weekend to do any Christmas shopping (which I had not even started). Jesse’s Aunt was having her atrium closed in as an addition to her living room and his Uncle came in from Brownsville to pour the foundation. We stopped there briefly; let’s just say that my boys and concrete mix don’t mix well, for lack of a better word. That is just a mess waiting to happen. So off to my Mom’s house they went and I went to Target, and then Wal-Mart – the weekend before Christmas, and I survived!!! All the shopping done for all the kids, nieces, nephews, and my brothers in two stores in one night, and I didn’t even break the bank!! That was a blessing!! We finally put the tree up and decorated it!

Christmas morning we spent at home, Jesse was not feeling well at all, he could barely talk! Then we went to my Mom and Dad’s house for the rest of the day, the kids had a blast and we ended up bringing home multiple remote control thingies!!! Jesse got a remote control helicopter, and a remote control mouse, the boys each got two remote control cars and I got a gift card to Kohl’s that is burning a hole in my purse as I type this!!

Friday, the day after Christmas, Jesse went into work at 5:30 and was home again by 7:30, we ate breakfast and then I got up to start cleaning up the toy madness that had now become my house!! Jesse took the truck in to get an oil change and the inspection. Because if that were left up to me, I would wind up walking into the house some time in March saying “ Jess, did you know that the inspection expired on my truck in December?” much like I did with the registration that expired in August, and I renewed in October. Good thing my husband knows me so well!! At 1:30 we decided to go visit our family in Louisiana. With no clean clothes and no notice, I packed up our bags and we were out the door by about 3.

Most of Jesse’s cousins along with his Uncles work off shore, and none of them have the came schedule. So usually when we visit it is hit or miss as far as who you get to see once you get there. Not this time, this was the first time in years that all of the family was in on the same weekend, so they all decided to delay the Christmas gift exchange until Sunday and share the day with the whole family. We got to Jesse’s cousin Jesse (yes they have the same name) and his wife Julie’s house at about 7:30, Uncle Joe and Aunt Cathy were there with Ali and we all had dinner. Saturday we went to Kennedi and Alexis’ basketball games and then barbequed and ate dinner with Uncle Joe, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Mary. Saturday night AJ gave us all a scare when he stepped on a bee (he has had a mild reaction to bee stings which we have been told can get worse with each sting). Needless to say we were well prepared with all his meds and after a quick call to his Dr. we were good, and it was a false alarm, no ER trip needed! Praise the Lord!!! Sunday we started cooking for a Cajun Christmas, I am a fan of food to begin with but mix it all up with Cajun flare and you can never go wrong!!! Just before everyone started arriving for supper a familiar car pulled into the driveway, it was Jesse’s parents!! They had not been to visit for about five years!! It was a great surprise for us all. We all ate, talked, laughed, hugged, cried and took tons of pictures!!!! All the kids opened their gifts and then the girls made up a cheer and a dance to tell AJ Happy Birthday! It was absolutely adorable!!! We sang Happy Birthday to AJ and then he blew out his candles, and we all ate cake. We did not want to leave! The weather was not great and it was getting late so we had to get on the road. We had so much fun with everyone; the boys are already asking to go back! I am sure if Jenna could talk she would be asking to go back too!!!

The Girls cheering for AJ.

AJ is a little embarassed.

AJ with his cake.

Part of the family.

Our Family with Jesse's Sister, Mom, Aunt and Dad.

The men in the family.

The ladies in the family.

Aunt Mary, Alexis, and Jenna.

Happy Baby!!

All the kiddos with Tia Juanita.

Goofy Girls!!

My sweet girl!

Silly Jay.

Ali, Jay, Garrett, AJ, and Jenna.

Jenna and Ali.

Oh, and i almost forgot... Jenna is eating cereal!!! I know she is so big! At her 2 month check up she weighed 13 lbs 1 oz and was 24.5 inches long, she is really growing like a weed!!!!


Now that I have bored you all to tears, I will attempt to update more frequently to prevent this type of post in the future!

We had an amazing time spent with all of our family and loved ones over this holiday season and we hope that you all did as well.