Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two weeks and counting....

My precious Jenna is two weeks old. Wow, it is hard to believe that it has already been two weeks, and at the same time it is hard to believe that it has only been two weeks. She is just such a perfect fit into our family, it is hard to remember her not here with us.
In the two weeks we have had two Dr's appointments, one for her and the other for AJ. We have had book fair at the school with the boys, and a mad science night as well. It is Thursday and the boys have been late for school twice already. We had lunch with Aunt Vicky, Aunt Heather and Aunt Work-Leslie (there are two Leslie's one is a work-Leslie, the other is Leslie Lou). We have had a couple of trips to the store and we have another Dr's appointment this afternoon for Jenna. The boys have both had some sort of stomach bug, AJ has an ear infection on top of that and Daddy is back at work in full force.
I know that Daddy is missing his little girl, she is the first one he looks for when he walks through the door. And she eats it up. She smiles, she coos, and she cuddles with him every night! Each morning Jesse lays with her before he gets up for work, and honestly, I think he has been a little late every morning. I gently remind him that he needs to get up and he says, "But I am laying with the baby". I absolutely love that she has him wrapped around her finger already. She really is Daddy's Princess.

We have tried very hard not to interrupt the boys "normal" schedule since bringing Jenna home. They continue to go to daycare before and after school and we continue to take them to all of their after school events as well.

I have no pictures of this, but we went to my brother's football game, and he ROCKS!!! Not just because he is my brother, but he really is the tallest one out on the field, plays pretty much the entire game (offense), the coaches gave him a "special play" made just for him - he is a receiver. They won their first game, lost the next two, but they are seventh grade boys who are all out there just having fun! I was actually very proud of Joe, during the game, one of his teammates was tackled and his wrist was broken - you could see how bad the injury was from the sidelines!!! - Joe started telling his other teammates to "take a knee" in support of the injured player, who was not getting up after the tackle. Next thing I know, he and two other players on the field ran over and helped the injured player up and walked him off the field. It was great, I am an avid sports fan, and it is awesome to be able to enjoy one of my favorite games and know that my brother is in there playing. He could tell you things about football that you never knew, or at least things that I don't know, and don't really understand either. Hey I just like watching the game!! We look forward to watching him for many years to come!

I do however have a picture of Jenna in her first "real" bath, of course we have bathed her via the wash cloth and bowl of water method. She has yet to cry during any bath, and she absolutely loves to have her hair washed! I thought that the real bath would be different and totally expected her to fuss the whole time. This little one, she is full of surprises!! She loved her bath, even if she was a little cold, and she loved, loved, loved her hair being washed!!! Thank God, because I battle with the boys every day over this exact thing!!!

Somehow they can get into the shower, use an entire bottle of body wash (for men of course) and manage to get out of the shower without a drop of water ever touching their head or face, seriously! I don't know how they do it, nor do I understand their aversion to clean hair! I guess it is a little boy thing. Who knows?!

And this is the note I was given by AJ.

Is it not bad enough the school sends your child home wearing the big red circle sticker screaming you are a delinquent and your child may just starve while they are at school, but the child adds it to his own note to you as if you did not understand what was on the big red sticker.

A few more pics to look at:)!!