Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Story, and the Pictures:)

Jenna is an absolute jewel!! She is such a good baby. After some minor issues with formula and a change of bottles, our little angel is doing great. The original formula or the bottle seemed to be causing some gassy problems for our little one. Either way, we have changed to a different formula and different bottles and there is no more painful gas keeping her up at night! The hospital was a bit wrong on her measurements, unless there is some way babies shrink an entire inch once they get home - not likely, so she was actually 20 inches and not 21, no biggie. She had her first Dr.'s Appointment yesterday, the hospital thought she might be a bit jaundice, and asked that we follow up with her pediatrician this week. Jesse said they had just never seen a Mexican baby, funny thing the pedi said the same thing:)! They did a biliruben test yesterday and I am pleased to announce that her levels were within the normal range and there is no need for concern.

Now for the story, we were scheduled for induction on Monday, October 6, and were supposed to be at the hospital by, 7 am. However, at 5:30 we received a call from the labor and delivery department, they asked us to remain on standby until further notice, there were several women who were admitted the night before and there was no room for us. We were told to expect a call around 9 o'clock. At 9:30 I decided to call and see what was going on. Still no room, the nurse asked me to call back in "about an hour". I waited until 11, called and there was still no room.

In all honesty, I was never uncomfortable or just ready to have Jenna. I was perfectly fine with her right where she was. But, knowing that we were going to finally see our little girl on Monday, and then being told there was no room was awful!! I tell you by 1 pm, the nurses all knew my voice, or phone number when I called in. Every time it was "I am sorry Mrs. Silva, there is still no room, we will call you, or you can check back in", and every time I hung up the phone and cried. it was like they were telling me that I was not allowed to meet my baby.

Jesse was awesome! He held me and hugged me every time I called in. He was so reassuring, and told me each time that we would have her when it was her time, and it just wasn't yet. To go through the pregnancy on medications to stop pre-term labor it seemed so unreal that I had been off the meds for two weeks, and still no baby! Jesse even joked that Jenna was in there singing "It's Not My Time" by 3 Doors Down. At 3 we got a call to let us know that our spot was cancelled, there were too many other women going into natural labor - how dare they. By this point, I was ok with not meeting her just yet. I had a Dr.'s appt. the next day and I was still not far enough along to be sent in to labor and delivery yet.

And the waterworks started again. We also found out that Jesse's parents were on their way to meet their new granddaughter. Even though she was not her yet, they still came.

Tuesday night, the garage door broke, and fell on my truck. Thank God for the silly things on top (luggage thingies, we have never used, and I think are only there for decoration anyway) they saved my truck, and there was no damage!! Tuesday night Jesse's parents also arrived. Jesse had the week off, because we planned on having a new baby in the house and he planned on being around the whole week to help out. So Wednesday came and went no changes, I felt bad since Jesse had taken off work, and so had his parents and I felt guilty that they were there for what I though was no reason. Jesse's parents were scheduled to leave Thursday, so Wednesday night I made shish-kabobs for dinner and we all ate and laughed, we were able to spend a lot of time together just the four of us while the boys were at school. Once the boys got home they were able to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. I know that time was very special for the boys as well as their Grandparents.

Thursday morning I woke up having contractions, but they were not consistent. All were less than ten minutes apart, but not equally spaced. I said nothing, we went to Baby's R Us to get a few last minute things and get the play pen as well. Only we didn't get the play pen because I paid no attention to the date on the coupon that I had, and let's face it 20% off is 20% off. The coupon was dated for October 17th, the cashier actually asked us if we wanted it anyway. Umm... No, I will be back on the 17th, thank-you-very-much. We went to Wal-Mart, to get AJ's meds to take and leave at the school. Went to the school to talk to the nurse and leave the meds. We were there about an hour, just as we were leaving, I hear a cry from down the hall, I knew the cry belonged to one of the boys, I just didn't know which one. As I walked - or actually ran out the door to see, I find AJ and his teacher running down the hall towards us. He was choking on nachos - made from corn - which he is allergic to. He was fine though, we were able to calm him down and we were ready to leave again. This time AJ wanted to leave with us. Knowing I was still having contractions, I decided not to take him, just in case. Needless to say the nurse walked AJ to PE while he was crying to come home with us.

Once we got home, we decided to attempt to make a dent in cleaning the backyard from all of the debris from the Hurricane. I tell you, it feels like we will never finish, there are always more branches that need to be cut down, and more leaves to be raked. So my MIL and I raked, and swept, Jesse and my FIL cut branches and stacked branches. At about 3 pm I called the Dr., the contractions were getting stronger, but still no consistency. Jesse's parents were loading up their truck to leave. I went inside and the phone rang, the Dr. told us to go into the hospital, there was room and she said that we would induce if needed.

Hooray!!! We were going to meet our precious little girl!! I was so excited and a little sad since Jesse's parents were leaving. We loaded up the truck and went to the hospital. I was dilated to 3 cm and induction was not needed. Yippee!!! By 4 pm I was in my L&D room and my mom arrived, shortly after that, Jesse's parents arrived. Sometime between then and when my water broke, at 6:15, I asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist was busy with a c-section and was not able to come right away, we were told he would be by in about thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later and I was asking for the nurse, the Dr had left to go feed her kids, and something didn't feel right, something besides the pain that is.

Jesse called the nurse, she, Shelly, rushed in and told us that she could see the head, with one glove on she called for assistance, another nurse came in put the other glove on Shelly and next thing I know things were flying around the room. Literally, one cart went flying another one came in, and a bowl or something fairly large went tumbling to the floor. Poor Shelly, she delivered our little girl at 6:56 pm, she had so much paperwork to fill out! And poor Dr., she was stuck in traffic behind an accident with no way to get back in time.

Our princess was born, and we were all there to meet her. My dad was out of town and felt awful, but he came to see her the next day when he flew in town.

Such a big girl!!!

Big Yawn!!

My boys and the princess!

All dressed up.

On our way to the Dr.


Erin said...

YEA!!!!!!! She is so pretty! And I'm glad she's finally here...can't wait for more pics and updates :)

amy <>< said...

oh my goodness- what a story! glad jenna is here- she is absolutely beautiful and l love all that hair!! excited for you guys!