Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dr. Appt Update...

So our "little" angel weighs 9 lbs. 3 oz. and is not 21.5 inches long!! She is growing like a weed. however, we did find out that she has a reflux problem. My child who was sleeping beautifully, and eating well (4 oz and wanting more) is now going to be reduced to eating two ounces at a time.

No more sleep for me, but if that means that her little throat will heal and she will not be gagging constantly then I am all for the lack of sleep.

I thought maybe she had some post nasal drainage due to her gagging, but did not even consider acid reflux as the culprit. She doesn't spit up much at all, who knew? We will press on with the smaller feedings and the medication for the next week, and she will be reevaluated, then the Dr will determine what the next step is. He said it is possible that she will not need to stay on the meds past one or two weeks, and then we would slowly increase the feedings again. Please pray that this is not causing her pain or discomfort, and pray for a rapid healing and for her to be able to tolerate her feedings well.