Thursday, September 25, 2008


Let’s play a number game.
14 – The number of days we have been with out power.
30 – The number of minutes Centerpoint tells us it would take to fix the fuse that is out on the power line that runs to our house.
25 – The number of houses in my neighborhood that are without power.
4 – The number of hours that I sleep each night (and not straight through).
150 – The number of times I get up each night to pee (during those four hours).
1 – The number of days past my due date and we are still waiting.

Maybe this should be a waiting game, waiting for power, waiting for the baby, waiting for life to be somewhat normal again. In all honesty I am not horribly uncomfortable; it is rather nice outside with low humidity and a cool breeze. I keep saying that I refuse to have my child and bring her home to a house with no power, but I also have to remind myself that we have a house to bring her home too.

The damage that was done to the house is not fully known at this point. We have cracks in our bricks on the outside of the house, there are cracks in the corners of the master bathroom that actually separate the tile and the caulking, cracks between the ceiling and the wall in my closet, we had several limbs fall off a giant oak tree in our back yard, and virtually no fence left surrounding our yard. The limbs missed the roof, thank God, and the one that did fall on Jesse’s car somehow managed only to leave minor scratches!

I have lived in Houston most of my life and never remember having this type of damage after a storm. We weathered the storm out at my mom’s and had a generator over there to preserve the food and the sanity of this pregnant mom!! I did not even leave my mom’s until three or four days after the hurricane hit our area. I know I did not see the full affects of this monster, so many yards and homes had already begun to be cleaned and repaired. I was in shock; I don’t think there is any other way to describe the feeling I had as we drove by our house.

Jesse had been to the house the morning after the storm to take pictures. Let me tell you in reality our yard looked like hell, and the pictures he took don’t look that bad. (Maybe he has some special way with the camera and I could get him to take my picture) As we drove through the rest of our neighborhood I could not help but cry. The whole experience was so overwhelming, and then I remember that we got the “clean side” of the storm and we are miles from the actual site the storm made landfall. I simply can not imagine what is going through the minds and the hearts of the people that are only now being allowed to see their property.

All in all I would say that God has been good to us, He has given us family near by that all have power and they are all opening their homes to us. We have no actual property loss, I am sure our home can be repaired.

So, we remain without power, until further notice and I have been spending my days at work to help maintain the normalcy, or the feeling of normalcy. Aside from that we are patiently waiting the arrival of our precious little one, while I make my co-workers extremely nervous!!