Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bathroom Makeover Complete!!!

OK, after a very long blogging hiatus, we are back and with pictures!!! The bathroom re-do is complete. To understand the severity and the need to re-do the guest bathroom one must see the before pictures...

The little yellow duckies....

The pealing paint from a bad paint job and two boys...

The awfulness of such a bright yellow!!!

In my defense this was not a color or design that we chose!!! It has been on the walls since we moved in almost three years ago! I can not describe to you the feeling of walking into that bathroom at 6 am with the lights on. Let's just say it gives a whole new meaning to rise and shine!!!

After many layers of paint, ask Jesse he scrapped them, and with the help of my youngest brother Jacob, the bathroom now has a fresh coat of paint and a new almost inviting (as inviting as a bathroom could be) feel. We are much happier with the new and improved look!!!

New neutral paint.

No more pealing!!

Cute green frogs!!!

There are a few more things we are waiting for, and then it will be complete!

We have one more make over to finish and that is the baby's room, the painting is done and most of the furniture is in the room, just need to move in the dresser and add the finishing touches. I will add pictures as soon as that is done too!

All in all, we have had a very busy summer and it turns out that it has been productive as well!!