Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School.....

What more can I say, except that this year I did not fall completely apart!!! Surging hormones and everything, there were tear filled eyes, but no tears fell. Both boys were very excited to go to school; there will be no dragging the screaming child on the bus like last year!!!

We have been blessed that Jay is going to have the same teacher that AJ had after the whole classmate debacle thing. She was a wonderful teacher for AJ the last few weeks of school, she has taught at that very same elementary school for about fifteen years. Fifteen years and she is still teaching Kindergarten, and she is great too. God bless her!!! On a different note, we also found out that Jesse’s Aunt, Jay’s Great-Aunt, is going to be assisting in his Kindergarten class in the afternoons. While some parents might jump for joy to have a family member as a teacher for their child, I am a little nervous about how this will play out. Our aunt is a very fair lady and will not tolerate misbehavior from any of the students, however, we know that Jay likes to push buttons and see how far he can go before he actually gets reprimanded! Fingers crossed and prayers have been spoken and more are welcomed that he will actually just behave like she is any other teacher and not his aunt!!!

AJ has a teacher that shares a last name with a pretty famous baseball pitcher, who used to play for the Astros and has since moved on to the Yankees. Although the spelling is different, we were hoping that by some small chance, she might be his wife. Not the case though, I think she is a little young for him. She seems really nice and is very excited that AJ loves to read and has requested to have homework. When he told her that I think I saw a little twinkle in her eye. We are praying for a much better year for him this year and hopefully he will soon forget the struggles he had last year!!

We met the teachers on Friday, left all the school supplies with the teachers then. What a relief, not having to lug all that stuff to school on the first day. I mean seriously, how in the world do they expect the kids to carry fifty pounds of supplies on and off the bus for the first day???

We bought them new shoes and backpacks yesterday; they both told me that they felt a little taller with their new shoes. I agreed that they looked taller, who knows, it made them happy!! The boys are picky about their shoes, and their parents are even pickier. The shoes however were not the obstacle this year is was the backpacks!!! Since when have backpacks cost $40-$50??? Highway robbery I tell you!!! When we looked at all the backpacks, I couldn't find one less that $20, let alone two. I calmly told hubby we would just grab some at another store. He kindly declined and said he was not going to another store, that we should just look a little harder. Thanks to his perseverance, we were saved from a trip to the dreaded Wal-Mart, and found some nice backpacks in two different colors for less than $15. School shopping done!!

The day has started and the kiddos are happy!! That makes momma happy, I will give you guys an update later this week on how the first day went!!
Last Year

This Year


In the Car...

Waiting to leave Daycare...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bathroom Makeover Complete!!!

OK, after a very long blogging hiatus, we are back and with pictures!!! The bathroom re-do is complete. To understand the severity and the need to re-do the guest bathroom one must see the before pictures...

The little yellow duckies....

The pealing paint from a bad paint job and two boys...

The awfulness of such a bright yellow!!!

In my defense this was not a color or design that we chose!!! It has been on the walls since we moved in almost three years ago! I can not describe to you the feeling of walking into that bathroom at 6 am with the lights on. Let's just say it gives a whole new meaning to rise and shine!!!

After many layers of paint, ask Jesse he scrapped them, and with the help of my youngest brother Jacob, the bathroom now has a fresh coat of paint and a new almost inviting (as inviting as a bathroom could be) feel. We are much happier with the new and improved look!!!

New neutral paint.

No more pealing!!

Cute green frogs!!!

There are a few more things we are waiting for, and then it will be complete!

We have one more make over to finish and that is the baby's room, the painting is done and most of the furniture is in the room, just need to move in the dresser and add the finishing touches. I will add pictures as soon as that is done too!

All in all, we have had a very busy summer and it turns out that it has been productive as well!!