Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh, to know exactly what goes on in the minds of children...

Setting: Car ride to, I can’t remember where, Me driving, AJ and Jay in the back seat.

Jay: Mom, what if we had a mattress big enough for 50 hundred or 60 hundred people?
Me: That would be a big mattress!
Jay: Yeah, and we would need to be able to fit a Grandma, a Grandpa, some Aunts and Uncles, and brothers and sisters, and a Mom and a Dad, and a pig we stole from the barn.
Me: Um, ok...

Really, what do you say to that? Why would you want that many people on the same mattress, and why, why would you invite the stolen pig to join??? Why would you steel the pig to begin with???

I really wish I knew what the underlying meaning of that was, or maybe he just wanted to see the look on my face, I am sure that entertained him for a good minute!!


amy <>< said...

funny post!! :)

How are you feeling?? I'm READY... getting quite uncomfortable. :)

Erin said...

hmmmm....the stolen pig...hahahaha :)