Monday, June 2, 2008

Prayers are needed...

Memorial weekend was great! We got so much done at the house!! I was able to regain the use of my hand that Friday, and I went on a cleaning spree!!! Our neighbors had a birthday party for their daughter and the boys enjoyed the moonwalk bouncy thing and they brought over their slip-n-slide and several water guns to share the wealth of the water in the midst of the heat! They had a blast!! Monday we went to my parents to bar-b-que and the boys enjoyed yet another water filled fun afternoon with their fancy sprinkler toy - what ever happened to just the regular garden sprinkler for the kids to play in??? Later that night we got a call that Jesse's grandfather was in the hospital. He was taken by ambulance that evening for what was thought to be internal bleeding. We have not been down for a visit in close to two years and decided that we better make a quick trip. We left Wednesday morning and the boys were great the whole SIX hour drive. We did make frequent stops and I drank as much water as you can while riding in the car for six hours, but still I retained the equivalent of my weight in water. Needless to say, even my watch was tight and leaving marks on my wrist. Thank God for flip flops!!! We took the boys straight to Jesse's mom's house and left them with their grandfather while we went to the hospital. Jesse was able to spend some much needed time catching up while I took his grandmother for a much needed bite to eat.
As it turns out his grandfather has several stomach ulcers and they were causing the internal bleeding. They stopped his blood pressure meds and started him on meds for the ulcers, his blood pressure rose to 190/120 with out the meds, but they have not allowed for him to take any other blood pressure medication, due to the fact that the ulcers either could not be cauterized or just were not and he would still bleed excessively with the meds thinning his blood so much. Friday he received a blood transfusion and to my surprise, a mere six hours after the transfusion they released him to go home. It appears that he is still bleeding internally and may need more transfusions until the ulcers are healed.
Many times it is very difficult for us to know how to react in these situations because of the distance in miles, we can not be there when the doctors are giving their orders or diagnosis, and sometimes there is very pertinent information lost in translation ( literally and figuratively). Although most of the physicians in that area speak Spanish, some are more fluent than others, so there is occasional loss of information that way. The other loss is when you are receiving the details from some one who received them from some one who was listening to the Dr. Kind of like the telephone game when you are kids and you sit in a circle and the first person whispers something to the next and it goes all the way around until the last person and it is no where near what was said in the beginning. Yep just like that! Clear as mud!!!
So, as far as we know he will continue to receive blood transfusions every so often and we will begin a waiting game!
Other than that the boys were able to spend lots of time with their cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles, grandparents and great grandparents! I only wish I would have taken the camera out a little more often, I only got a few pictures of them in the pool. Wouldn't you know it there were no other relatives around:( I stink at taking pictures!!
Jesse was able to spend a good amount of time with his grandfather and his uncles as well! They did usual boy things like shooting guns at cans and bottles, and talk about fishing (Jesse's uncle actually went fishing before the sun or Jesse were up) Jesse also watered all of his grandfather's plants and trees, hopefully we will get back there soon to enjoy some of the fruits of his minor labor! Hehehe, he was watering peach trees.
We all had a great time, and although the visit could have been made under different circumstances, we all enjoyed our time together.
I would like to ask for prayers for Jesse's grandfather, that the doctors may ease the pain and discomfort and that God's Will will be done, and that Jesse's grandmother may be at peace with what is going on around her. As more objective soul's we can see that sometimes even though letting go may be hard on us, that is what God is asking us to do. Please bring peace over the entire family as they continue this passage of life beside their husband, father, or grandfather. Bring peace to this man who has brought life to this family and happiness to everyone who meets him.