Friday, May 16, 2008

One Handed...

I had an accident last Friday with my right hand, by the way I am right handed! So this week has been exhausting, trying to do everything left handed and not getting the right hand wet. One week down, hopefully one week to go. There was minor tendon damage so I cannot move my finger, well I can, but the Dr doesn't want me too.

I was, however, able to see the best Front Office Assistant we had at our family Dr, she stopped working there almost a year ago, but she now works at the orthopedics office! It was great to see her!

Back to the one-handedness... I did make one of the Admins at work laugh when I asked her if she was busy, she said no why, I told her I needed a hand with something. We laughed for a couple of minutes.

Here is a list of things that are difficult to do with one hand:

  • TYPE!!!
  • eat
  • make dinner
  • shower
  • get dressed
  • put make up on
  • blow dry my hair
  • fix my hair
  • open a drink
  • use a phone
  • drive
  • definitely no using the phone while driving, my feet are just not coordinated enough!!
  • write, or sign my name
  • clean anything:(

I have had tremendous help from my husband!!! I don't think I could get through the day with my sanity if not for him, and Him, our Lord, who gives me the peace and ability to look at this situation through a different light!

I have had a crash course on my vanity issues which I thought were almost non-existent after having kids. Boy was I wrong!! I have some major issues with vanity!! I have also been dealing with my control issues, funny, I know I have been asking God to help me give it all up to Him. Let Him be fully in control and allow me to understand that I will be OK, I can not do it all myself. Thank you, I am seeing the light. There is nothing more humbling than having to ask for help to cut your food, asking your five year old to open your water for you, or needing help to do some of the most simple mundane everyday tasks. When you are the type of person who rarely asks for help for anything, unless you are on your death bed, it is truly a humbling experience.

I thank God for this experience, yes, I probably can do it all myself, but why? Why try to prove I don't need any one's help, when all the Lord wants is to help us and for His children to help each other?

I am accepting help, and loosing control, and it feels great!!!


Erin said...

personally, I think that is a great excuse to get pampered by your boys for a while :)