Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peaceful Day

After all that went on this weekend, Anthony came home and LOVES his new teacher!!! He said he made a lot of new friends in his new class but doesn't remember their names:)! He was very excited to go back to his new class today! Jay's teacher was also informed of the situation at hand, and will ensure that he is never in the hallways unattended. Best news of all, Jesse was supposed to be out of town all week, well they changed their minds. My wonderful husband came home unexpectedly last night!!! It was so good to have him home!! I will keep you guys updated on how AJ is doing and what the school is doing about the situation!! I especially want to let everyone know that my sweet little angel prayed for that boy last night and for his family, it was the most heartwarming prayer I have ever heard out of his mouth. He asked God to protect that boy, show him what is good behavior, and he asked that God help his parents spend more time with him and love him more. The principal explained to AJ yesterday that his classmate's parents wee not like his parents and that it is sometimes hard for her to teach the kids in the school about good behavior if she doesn't have help from all the parents. It amazes me how much he understands and how much he cares for others even when they are not so nice to him. All I know is last night I did not have to look far to see God's hands at work, they were right there, wrapped around my son. Needless to say, I am much more at peace today with all the changes that they boys have had.


amy <> said...

Hi Megan! So fun that you found my blog! I'm so sorry your little boy is going thru a rough time at school. What a precious prayer he prayed. Kids see things so black and white-- don't they? That's so sweet.