Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Such Sweet Boys!

OK, with as much as we have going on in our daily lives I realized, thanks to Erin, a fellow blogger at ...and baby makes three, that we do not take enough time to see what God hands us everyday.

Call it pregnancy brain, but that just mad me realize two more miracles, God gave me hands, and He blessed me with another day!

The past few days there have been so many things to be thankful for! AJ has lost two of his baby teeth and the permanent teeth are coming in nicely! He was so proud to show us all including his younger brother! Jay was very excited for AJ and he told him "AJ that's a great job!! You get two thumbs up!!" I know AJ has not been cultivating these teeth but it amazes me how these two interact with one another!! They are so close in age they are practically twins, and despite the fact that they can be very moody with each other, they can not live with out one another!!

The sweetest thing is when I drop the boys off at school every morning, they rub my belly and kiss my belly and tell the baby to have a good day! They are both going to be the best big brothers ever!!

We had a check up yesterday and we are right at the beginning of week 16! WOW!!! Baby is great and there was a strong heartbeat that I listened to! Jesse was not able to get out of work in time for the appointment, but he was waiting in the parking lot when I got out. I was walking to my truck, unlocked it, and saw my windows open. Freaked me out, I know I closed them!! My wonderful, thoughtful husband opened the windows and then waited for me to get out. I know that I think things in my head as I am doing things but yesterday I realized that I say them out loud, or at least move my mouth. Jesse said he could see me talking to myself the entire walk from the Dr's office to my truck - WEIRD!! (He married me though)

Just thought I would share a few stories and let you all know just how blessed I have been with my husband, my boys, my family and friends!!!


Erin said...

That is so sweet, you seem to have some great guys in your life! I bet all of your boys are excited for the baby...what fun yall will have :)

I'm sending you some "easy pregnancy vibes"!!!!!!