Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peaceful Day

After all that went on this weekend, Anthony came home and LOVES his new teacher!!! He said he made a lot of new friends in his new class but doesn't remember their names:)! He was very excited to go back to his new class today! Jay's teacher was also informed of the situation at hand, and will ensure that he is never in the hallways unattended. Best news of all, Jesse was supposed to be out of town all week, well they changed their minds. My wonderful husband came home unexpectedly last night!!! It was so good to have him home!! I will keep you guys updated on how AJ is doing and what the school is doing about the situation!! I especially want to let everyone know that my sweet little angel prayed for that boy last night and for his family, it was the most heartwarming prayer I have ever heard out of his mouth. He asked God to protect that boy, show him what is good behavior, and he asked that God help his parents spend more time with him and love him more. The principal explained to AJ yesterday that his classmate's parents wee not like his parents and that it is sometimes hard for her to teach the kids in the school about good behavior if she doesn't have help from all the parents. It amazes me how much he understands and how much he cares for others even when they are not so nice to him. All I know is last night I did not have to look far to see God's hands at work, they were right there, wrapped around my son. Needless to say, I am much more at peace today with all the changes that they boys have had.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kindergarten Bullies

This is what we spent our Friday night dealing with, below is the exact semi-edited version of the e-mail sent to the principals of the school and the teacher. The remainder of the weekend entailed preparing my son to change classes and preparing both of them in appropriate ways to conduct themselves around said child, i.e. find the nearest teacher and asked to be escorted to the principals office to report the encounter, and if there are no teachers in the hall or near by, yell at the top of your lungs " Leave me alone" while you find the nearest adult in the school. Horrifying if you ask me to have to explain the gravity of this situation to a 5 yo and a 6 yo!!

After talking to my son this evening about his day at school there were some very disturbing things he told me. First, he said that the class was separated into groups to take bathroom breaks and “I” was in his group. During their trip to the bathroom, I (we will save his name from Internet viewers) started a conversation with Anthony and said, "I will beat your brother up." Anthony's response was "He is tougher than you." “I” continued by saying, "No he's not, I will bring a knife in my pocket and I will stab your brother and kill him."
With everything that has gone on this year between these two; I was assured that my child was going to be safe and that the two boys would be separated. I understand that you have separated them during PE, Music and Art. It seems as though this is not enough. Not only has he already attacked one of my children on several occasions, but he is now threatening my other son. “I” continues to taunt Anthony by whispering "boobies" during transition periods and while the teacher is testing other students. Most of ”I”’s behaviors have not shown any improvement through out the school year, in fact they are proving to be more violent.
This situation was brought to all of our attentions with Anthony being tripped by “I”, resulting in a broken nose. I am certain that this was discussed with Mr. S the day following the initial incident. After talking to Anthony on a regular basis regarding “I”, it became apparent that we had a "bully" we were dealing with. A few more calls were made to Mr. S to discuss what was going on in the class, i.e. tripping, hitting, kicking, and naughty language being used. Ms. B became involved after we were told of the naughty language and some instances where “I” was throwing basketballs at Anthony's private areas during PE. I was informed the children would be talked to and that “I”’s parents would also be notified of what was going on. Shortly after that, there was a conference scheduled as a result of a highly disturbing and graphic picture drawn by a child in Anthony's class. At this time there were a few other instances that were brought to Ms. B's attention regarding events that transpired earlier that same week. She took note of the allegations and informed us that she would begin an investigation. We have already seen that this child has no problem fashioning a weapon out of a paper clip and using that against Anthony, I have not seen anything this year to show me that “I”’s actions and behaviors are being watched closely and have no reason to believe that he is fabricating the story of bringing a knife to school.
In a time where guns and knives at school are plastered all over the news I cannot be certain that we are far from that in this situation. I want my children in an environment that is safe and secure. I am at a point where I do not know what to do. As parents we have to trust that our children are safe at school and that if they are in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation the teachers and staff at school are caring for them and will protect them from other students. The bullying has continued to progress and we need to resolve this situation fully. Time after time I am told “we are doing all we can do.” Something has to be done before another child has to endure what Anthony has or worse. I am astonished that this is something I even have to discuss regarding Kindergarten aged children.
It has been explained to me that this is not a common occurrence for children of this age, I believe the exact words were “We have never had to deal with a situation like this with children of this age” and “We don’t have an alternative learning center for kindergarten, if this were first grade we would have different options.” We have tried following all the appropriate channels of reporting these instances to come to resolution. My only next option is to contact the district office to get help from them, contact a lawyer to further understand my rights a parent and my child’s rights as a student, and to contact law enforcement regarding the threats and assaults against my children. Obviously these are not the most ideal options for all of the parties involved, however, at this point they are not out of the picture and it is beginning to seem like my only option to keep my children safe.

After all that, I read today on Amy's blog, of this tragedy.

I have to say they may not condone prayer in school but there will certainly be a lot of it for the rest of this year at least!! Here is my prayer for today, for everyone to have a better week and all kids to be safe in their school!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fashion Fiesta

medium button
While I do not have pictures of my actual wardrobe, that would have required me to actually get up when the alarm sounded and not hit the snooze button forty-three times. I can tell you that right now I am in the your pregnant and gaining weight around the midsection but don't quite look pregnant yet limbo!!! My wardrobe right now consists of many loose fitting shirts like these,

and gauchos like these,

It really is quite comfortable and will probably continue to be my wardrobe throughout the pregnancy and beyond seeing as this child is due to arrive mid to late September. If money were no option then I would love a beautiful maternity wardrobe including these shirts, one of each please. At $78 each I can't even pick one!! And since I am practical I could pair the shirts up with a few of these skirts and they would be great for work or play!

For the post baby wardrobe I think I would have to say this, this, or this for work, and for play I would like this, this, or even this!!

Some of this may also require 24 hours of working out after the birth of this child as well.

We can dream though, we can dream!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Such Sweet Boys!

OK, with as much as we have going on in our daily lives I realized, thanks to Erin, a fellow blogger at ...and baby makes three, that we do not take enough time to see what God hands us everyday.

Call it pregnancy brain, but that just mad me realize two more miracles, God gave me hands, and He blessed me with another day!

The past few days there have been so many things to be thankful for! AJ has lost two of his baby teeth and the permanent teeth are coming in nicely! He was so proud to show us all including his younger brother! Jay was very excited for AJ and he told him "AJ that's a great job!! You get two thumbs up!!" I know AJ has not been cultivating these teeth but it amazes me how these two interact with one another!! They are so close in age they are practically twins, and despite the fact that they can be very moody with each other, they can not live with out one another!!

The sweetest thing is when I drop the boys off at school every morning, they rub my belly and kiss my belly and tell the baby to have a good day! They are both going to be the best big brothers ever!!

We had a check up yesterday and we are right at the beginning of week 16! WOW!!! Baby is great and there was a strong heartbeat that I listened to! Jesse was not able to get out of work in time for the appointment, but he was waiting in the parking lot when I got out. I was walking to my truck, unlocked it, and saw my windows open. Freaked me out, I know I closed them!! My wonderful, thoughtful husband opened the windows and then waited for me to get out. I know that I think things in my head as I am doing things but yesterday I realized that I say them out loud, or at least move my mouth. Jesse said he could see me talking to myself the entire walk from the Dr's office to my truck - WEIRD!! (He married me though)

Just thought I would share a few stories and let you all know just how blessed I have been with my husband, my boys, my family and friends!!!