Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well, I have been feeling a little off lately and went to the doctor to see what was going on. Having a number of "girl problems" I thought it would be one of those again, they said they were going to check for cysts and scar tissue to see if that was causing the problems again, they also wanted some blood work to see if there were any abnormalities there. Lo and behold there was a growing abnormality....

Actually this "abnormality" is baby number three. Expected arrival September 22, 2008. Yep folks that is right we are in our second trimester already! This should feel like a breeze since 12 weeks passed before we even found out about the baby! I say that now, but ask me again in the heat of the Texas Summer:)!! All in all I feel great a little tired but heck, I work ten hour days and run after two toddlers in the evenings. Jesse has been a great help!!! He has done so much around the house just so I can rest. We are excited to welcome this new addition to our family and just can't wait to find out if we will be exploding pink all over the place or adding some more testosterone to the house. I am way out numbered already so we will see how this all plays out. We should have the opportunity to find out the sex of the baby in May! We will keep you all updated!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kids and Politics

I will preface this with, I am not trying to offend anyone’s political party or start a political party debate. Simple truth is I am and probably always will be Republican.

Yesterday I picked up the boys and told them we had a few errands to run before going home from school. One of which included fulfilling our civic and moral obligations as Americans – Vote. Easy enough right???

Jay asked “Mommy who are you voting for?” Being the advanced psychic that I am, I foresaw this turning into an announcement at the voting pole, so I quickly reversed the question. “Well who would you vote for sweet boy?” His oh so very innocent reply... “You mamma”. Suffice it to say I do not see myself running for president anytime in the next thirty years, deciding what the whole family has to eat for dinner stresses me out enough, let alone trying to decide the fate of out country – just not happening! With that I asked AJ who he would vote for. His answer cracked me up! “Abraham Lincoln” I asked him why and he said “I like his hat” There you have it folks, Vote Abe Lincoln for President because he has a cool hat!

So we arrive at the voting poles and I explain that we need to be quiet and polite and let all the other people vote in peace. Some may not agree to take their children to vote with them, however, I feel it is important that they realize this is one of those things that you must do. Fun or not, you have the right to choose how our government is selected and as American citizens you must do that. It may not always turn out the way you hoped but at least you did your part – and then you can complain about the out come. Unlike the complainers that took no part in the decision making or voting process, no complaining allowed for you!! I digressed.

We enter the building and sign our name and get our number to log in. Meanwhile, a couple of the volunteers thought it absolutely wonderful the boys were there to watch the voting take place. They asked who the boys were voting for and of course the boys answered. See I told you I was psychic! In a not so quiet whisper they answered with the same two answers given to me. It just tickled these men to hear their responses, as well as the other voters. All in all we were quite content voting and finished rather quickly.
We arrived at the house to find our street full of cars on both sides, some even blocking the driveway. This doesn’t bother me so much as long as I can still get into the driveway; however, this would definitely bother Jesse!!! I pull into the garage and unload the children, and start unloading the groceries. As I walk back out of the house Jay realizes that all the people parking on our street are going to vote. He asks why they don’t vote where we did, there was plenty of parking there after all. I told him that this time the Democratic and Republican Parties vote at separate places and next time it shouldn’t be so busy. Jay says “Mom, you meal all THOSE people are Democrats?” (like he actually knows what that is) I said yes. Then, Jay got a “brilliant idea” (his words) “Let’s put up a sign that says Republican Parking Only” Just as he said that a group of about ten voters were walking by and scowling at me as if I had somehow corrupted my child. I laughed it off, but the streets did not clear until about ten o’clock, and with all that traffic drove the dog and the rest of us insane!! It is over for now, until November and we will be back at the polls! Hoping for another great turn out of voters!!