Saturday, August 11, 2007


As of about ten minutes ago, Johnathan was seen by the doctor. The doctor said that he is now able to lay on his stomach, his respiration rate is now in the 90's, still not in the "normal range" but much lower than the 140/ minute that it was at earlier today. They will not intubate, and will not run a tube through his ribs into the collapsed lung. At the moment it appears that he is doing a lot better. That is the best news we have had. The not-so-optimistic pediatrician informed us that it is not uncommon for babies to "take one step forward before they take two steps back" keep in mind this is the same genius that told my sister that of all the babies in the NI CU, even the 3lb. baby, Johnathan was the sickest.
I say, what does he know? He only went to medical school for 8-12 years, he is not our creator and he is not the one who decides our fate.
On that note, thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming, I know that little man is a fighter and he is not ready to give up!!