Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update on Baby Johnathan

Johnathan is now down to 40% oxygen as of noon today. His blood gas levels continue to fluctuate, but at present his blood oxygen level is in the mid 90's, up from 70 earlier this morning. (We live hour to hour for these results now.) He has had 9cc's in his feeding tube and is handling that very well. He is breathing at 50 - 55 reps per minute while the intubation machine is set to 35. So he continues to try to breathe on his own which is excellent news. He will have a transfusion later today to replenish and boost his current blood levels. He has difficulty producing his own red blood cells while his body pushes to mature his lungs.

He will have a repeat of the echo-cardiogram and chest x-ray this afternoon when they insert a PIC IV to replace the catheter and the IV in his arm. The PIC IV is more long term than the regular IV which needs to be re-inserted in a new location every so often to avoid infection. This way he will not need to be poked as much.

Thank you all for your continued support through all of this.