Monday, August 13, 2007

UPdate on Baby John

Well, he seems to be doing about the same as yesterday. He is becoming more jaundice, so they now have him lying on a Bil-Blanket, a blanket with green lights that glow to remove the excess bilirubin. I talked to Katy this morning and she says the green glow from underneath him makes him look like a glow-worm. I talked to my mom just a minute ago and she said they may have to do a spinal tap to be sure he is not becoming septic. He is have a few wet diapers a day though. Sepsis is a blood infection that can be caused by the spread of an infection into the blood. They are not certain that he needs the spinal tap it is just another one of those "it could be, so we would need to do this" things.

On a lighter note, after the boys said their prayers last night, Jay said a special prayer just for Johnathan. In his little voice he said "God, please keep baby Johnathan safe, please don't make him blind, and please don't let him scribble"
What??? Blind? Scribble? So, I had to ask, "Jay why did you ask God not to make John blind?"
Jay said, "So that he can see all the things I want to show him."
Good enough, "what about the scribbling part?"
Jay said "I don't want him to scribble on the walls and then I would get blamed for it."
Do you think maybe sometime in the past few days the child may have scribbled on the wall? Could he be passing blame onto John already? Not Jay!!!
Then, the child felt compelled to add "God, I promise that I will never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, hit Johnathan."
AJ and Jay love that little boy so much!! We all do, again thank you all for all your prayers and well wishes for our family.