Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More on Baby Johnathan

Johnathan is continuing to take some baby steps to getting better. After a short set back he is now down to 57% oxygen, on the respirator still. As long as his oxygen level of 90-100 continues they will continue to lower the oxygen percentage in his respirator. He received an additional dose of synthetic membrane to his lungs.

Although everything continues to improve slowly, he is still critical. They are planning on doing a blood transfusion later this evening based on his lowering counts of hemoglobin. His breathing is stable at 35-40 reps per minute. The feeding tube and respirator are irritating him so they have sedated him to keep him calm while his lungs accept the membrane and develop. The doctor insists that when this is over there will be no residual affects of his condition, the treatments, etc.... unless (always a caveat) if he remains on the respirator for any length of time like two weeks or more then he could develop some conditions related to that. At this point they do not believe he will be on the machines that long. It is an hour by hour situation though.

Please note: Gulf Coast Blood Bank schedules a quarterly visit to the Houston HP campus. All blood types are useful. However, O Negative is the choice for newborns as it is a universal blood type. O Negative individuals are in high demand and low in the population. If you don't know your blood type, they will type you when you give blood.

You can donate in his name, Johnathan David Norman, just let them know that he is at Cy-Fair Hospital.

Thank you for all your prayers!!! They are much appreciated!