Friday, August 17, 2007

Great News!!!

Johnathan is not only a fighter he is a very loved baby!

I say this as we return from the late night visit when, in the past, we had only set backs, tonight we have great news!

Johnathan had his transfusion and it went well. The PIC IV was inserted without incident. They only had to prick him once! Placement of the PIC IV was followed up with an x-ray to ensure his heart was not punctured - success!

Oxygen is now set at 25%. If you recall from earlier posts normal air we breathe is at 21%. His blood oxygen level is at 106. We all have levels between 80 and 95, so he is high, which is great! Earlier in his plight he was on 100% oxygen and at 50 breaths per minute on the respirator. He is now down to 30 on the respirator and his breaths are at 40-45 per minute. He continues to breathe on his own with a little assistance or reassurance from the respirator.

John is now taking food (mommy's milk) through a feeding tube. The next steps are to get him fully acclimated on the milk and wean him off of the IV. He will soon be weaned off of the ventilator (tomorrow? Saturday??)

Katy and Carlton (Mom and Dad) did want me to pass a message on to all of you: "Your prayers, well wishes and thoughts are what they are attributing to Johnathan's baby steps toward recovery."

Thank you!


Claral said...

This is great info to know.