Friday, August 3, 2007

Celebrating 50 years!!!

We had an eventful weekend! Family in town, a fiftith birthday party, and I learned how to make Gumbo!!!

A feat in itself let me tell you. For something with a very limited ammount of ingredients, you can sure mess that up in a quick minute.

Any who, I decided that after many twelve hour work days I needed a vacation, this vacation was used to thouroghly clean my neglected house. Because, let's face it, as much as i would like to be considered Wonder Woman I am not, and my house won't clean itself while I work all day. So I cleaned, and cleaned, and then I cleaned parts of my house I had never even seen before! It was great!!

Then, I pick up the children (because no REAL cleaning can be done with children in the house, aside from the dangers of all the fantastic chemicals I get to play with, they would be in some other room making a much bigger mess, much bigger that in my wildest dreams!) At the daycare, the teacher tells me how "uncontrallable" Jay was.

Really??- uncontrolable? he is four, how uncontrollable can he be?

Well, that sent me into a tizzy, my child doesn't listen, my husband has been out of town for a week- I am not having fun, not at all.

Friday I decided to keep the boys home with me we are going to take the dog to the groomers, since our back yard has become his personal mud bath. So my giant horse, I mean dog, and the two boys load up in the car- in the pouring rain- and head to the groomer's.

I wrangle him out of the car as he drags me into the groomer's and we find out that he is behind on the shots I thought that my husband took him to get, well, Jesse thought I took him. So, back in the car you go, a soaking wet dog, two wet boys, and my covered in the dog hair that should have been left at the groomer's and not comming back home with me! I am just glad we can remember to pick up the boys and take them for their shots!!

So now my child doesn't listen, my husband's still not home, and my dog is an ungodly mess!

Anyone know a good dog trainer in Houston? This family needs one!!

Next get ready for company!!!

They arrive at about three- just about the time I realize the boys have discovered a use for all that unused empty space under their bed. Yep- the mess that once was, was no more, to the untrained eye that is. Look a little closer or lower in this case, and there it was in all it's magnitude, the giant mess had found a new home and they were very proud of their accomplishment- until I pulled out the broom along with everything under the bed and made them actually put things away where they belong! I am such a mean mom!!

All of this and still no husband, he was on his way home, a 13 hour drive from the other side of ElPaso- or the world, whichever it really is the same thing.

Saturday let the cooking begin- oh wait, we need food for that right???

Let the shopping begin!! On anyother occasion I would be exstatic to hear or say those words, just don't add teh word Kroger, that takes all the fun out of it!! Either way Off I went on a shopping extraviganza to feed an army or two that would later arrive to help celebrate my Father-in-law's 50th birthday. There I was almost needing to get another cart and I ran into A who, I haven't seen in almost 4 years, really entirely too long because a couple of years before that we were inseperable!! That unexpected chance encounter added about 45 minutes to my shopping experience, but really what is more fun that running into a long lost firiend and catching up in the middle of the grocery store?

Ok, I went home and unloaded the food and then, Let the cooking begin! I flet like this day should be turned into a marathon! Shopping, cooking, cleaning, oh wait we don't have foil, back to the store you go.

This time I had company, my mother-in-law and Aunt M. Let me tell you when they put up those little yellow signs that say "Caution Wet Floor" it means the floor is actually wet- who knew? I might suggest not trying to brace yourself on the display of $8.99/ bottle of wine, the results are never good! No I did not break a single on of them, but oh, the visions, the visions of fermented grape juce and glass all over the floor were enough for me to now thake extreame caution when seeing that little yellow sign!!

Back home to finish cooking and great the guests as they arrive! The night was so much fun!! The kids all played great together ll played well it was great!

Oh, Sunday wake up early, clean the kitchen, learn how to make Gumbo. Easy as pie right? Um- why didn't anyone tell me it takes the better part of teh day to make Gumbo before I agreed to this??? Before there was so much cooking going on in my house that it was registering 82 degrees inside. Oh my word was it hot!!! Sit down, eat Gumbo, say our goodbyes, family left, time for a nap, oh wait I need to clean this mess up!

"Uh, babe?" i heard from the other room, "where is the plunger?"

Why why could we possibly need a plunger at a time like this? When it looks like some un named natural disaster has torn trough the house I took vacation to clean???

Jesse: "the toilet is clogged."

Megan: "Use the other bathroom."

Jesse: "uh, that one is too."

Oh, you have got to be kidding me! Off to Home Depot!

Come home, fix the toilets, clean the kitchen, take a nap!!!

It was a great weekend dispite the fact that I did not stop moving the entire time!!