Monday, July 23, 2007

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I have been sucked in well, maybe I jumped in. Either way, a post about my childhood home... Where do we start? We could start by saying which one, at my last count I think I was up to about 30 or so different homes.
So let's go with the most memorable, the one we stayed at the longest and was the greatest because we actually moved away and then moved back right into the same house!!
First there has been so much remodeling going on around there that it is really not even the same house anymore, just more like the same shell. Any who, when we first moved in there was no landscaping, no color on the walls or floors, it was just another "cookie cutter" house in the middle of the Suburbs.
It was a great house though, the neighborhood was full of kids all ages and a park diagonally across from our house!
I remember a group of us getting together and deciding we were going to hold a carnival at the park, the neighborhood park, where we charged admission!!
We went around door to door selling tickets half price a couple of days before, and actually quite a lot of people bought them!
We also charged the kids to get into the park that day and then proceeded to charge them to "ride" the slide, tire swing, swing, and monkey bars. We were ambitious to say the least!!
There was the time we went "boating" in a wheelbarrow down the "river"-Horsepen Creek. Wow, we actually put our selves in that water on purpose!! We caught tadpoles, picked wild berries, brought home every wild flower we could find in that bayou- complete with all the bugs and critters that lived in them!!
We had a skating club, that boys were not allowed in and only girls that had roller blades could join. We would pretend we were ice skating in the middle of July- in the middle of the road!!
I suppose we were often in the middle of the road. Our house happened to be the last one on the dead end street, so we were really in no REAL danger from being run over.
My most favorite memory of this street would have to be the time we had and all out war with eggs, and soap and some smelly juice we made from things you should never mix together-like milk, eggs, hot sauce, ammonia, and some other stuff that really smelled bad! We loaded up our water guns and spray bottles with the smelly juice and had an down right old-fashioned girls vs. guys war. Extremely fun at two o'clock in the morning, during Spring Break either my junior or senior year. Man did that place smell the next day! It was fun though and I think that was the point!
I have such fond memories of that house/street! I am just really blessed that my kids get to go back and enjoy that place just as I did when I was little!!
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