Friday, July 13, 2007

Bilingual Children

I suppose I though that we were doing a good thing teaching our children two languages, however, I may just have changed my mind. A few times already my very not so shy- but not exactly friendly child has decided when people begin talking to him, in a store, restaurant or what have you his all time favorite response is:

"No hablo ingles," translation; "I don't speak English"

As cute as it was the first time it is becoming less and less cute and rather a little rude.

However, the other day, as we were walking through Wal-Mart-oh, Lord why do I torture myself so?- any who, this woman walked up to me to talk to the boys, rub their heads (for good luck?) and tell me how absolutely adorable they both are, I have to say I can not disagree.
AJ responds and answers the woman's questions, "My name is AJ, that is short for Anthony Joseph, I am five"

As she turns to Jay for his response, not exactly what she was expecting to say the least. He says. with the biggest grin on his face by the way, "No hablo ingles,".
Oh, the woman just ate that up," Esta bueno mijo, eres bien chulo, Como te llamas?" (translation, "that's OK son, you are very cute, what's your name?)
Not what Jay expected at all, so his response was "Oops, I don't speak Spanish either,"

As he sat down and giggled.

What do you do except wish you had a camcorder to video the whole display.


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