Tuesday, May 22, 2007

There's a Hero in all of us...

As much trouble as I have with Jay (the baby- one day i will have to stop calling him that he is already four and will start Pre-K in August) I have to know we are doing something right. I went to pick him up from school the other day and his teacher said she needed to talk to me. Of course I though what did he do now...(the child who used an entire bottle of gel glitter glue as hair gel- another story) she said not to worry. So we sat in the office discussing the events of the day.

There is a little girl in the class who wears glasses, one of the other little boys decided to poke fun at her, the entire class began to poke fun of her. All but one that is. So there he stood in the middle of the classroom between the mob of children laughing and the little girl crying. He put his arm around her and said "Grace, it will be okay"

My little man then turned around to face the bully that started it all and told him, in what the teacher described as a very deep, stern voice,"If you do not have anything nice to say- SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"

The class fell silent, she said for 15 minutes not a word was spoken, the entire class watched Jay walk away to the block area and begin playing. After a while, a few children joined Jay in the block area.

I think the best part of it was when I asked him that evening, "Jay are those kids still your friends?"

His reply was priceless: " I don't know mom, I don't care."

My question: "you don't care?"

Jay: "nope, I don't need those people to be my friends."

Me: "you don't want any of the kids in you class to like you?"

Jay: "Nope, I don't care if they are my friends, and I don't want them to be if they are going to be ugly to people like that."

Me: "Jay, is Grace one of your friends?"

Jay: "Nope, I don't like her either."

Me: "Why, was she ugly too?"

Jay: "Nope, I just never liked her since she came in my class."

I think I was completely dumbfounded- my son did not like the little girl to begin with, but he was not going to stand for the teasing and laughing at the girl like the other kids.

He may have a temper, he throws tantrums, he whines, screams, and fights, but we are doing something right. Right now I think I will settle for that. Makes me think though, where does he get that courage, to stand up for what he knows is right no matter the cost? I think I may have more to learn from him than I thought. Maybe, we all do.

On that note, God has blessed me with two smart children an amazing husband and a wonderful family, I pray that we continue to learn and grow together, and maybe we all will have our own heroic moments.

Here is a picture of the little hero-

There will be a story later about this picture.