Monday, May 7, 2007

Children in Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, ahh, the highlight of every mother's day to trample through Walmart with two kids under the age of five. See this is worse, at least when they did not talk they could not ask for everything under the sun! (please someone explain to me why a four year old needs cheese cloth!)

However, the other day we were shopping and the boys were singing- it started with a rendition of "I believe I could..." no their song did not say fly, it was "I believe I could punch you in the eye" followed with "I believe I could make you cry..." about then is when I asked them to pick a new song, you see we were getting a few stares from some people. They did just that-each of them picked a new song- two different songs simultaneously. They have their very own personalities quite different from one another and don't often agree on anything. This day was no different.

So there we were in the middle of the Super Walmart, in the main aisle near the meats and cheeses, you know, and they both began to sing their songs. AJ is five going on twenty five, his choice was "The Cha-Cha Slide" complete with the clapping, the dance steps (in the back of the cart of course), and the head and booty shaking to boot. Jay, not as mature, chose a song that goes along with a book "Chicka Chika Boom Boom". His performance also included a little booty shaking action as well. This now, was much more pleasant and entertaining than the previous song they had been singing. All of a sudden, from one of the other aisles, out came this woman who muttered some comment about not being able to shop in peace.

Really-who shops at Walmart because of the peaceful experience you have in that store???
Just then another woman said "oh, their cute, at least their not crying" looking dead at the "peaceful walmart shopper"

I suppose I was in a mood that day because I looked over toward the women and told them " No, they are not crying, however if you would prefer that I could make them."
The "peaceful shopper" stormed away and the other woman began to laugh.

Come on people we all say we will never have "those kind of children" that scream and yell in the store, the truth is that is at one point or another every child- especially in walmart.

To tell you the truth, if they are not crying, yelling obscenities or stealing- I say let them enjoy the trip- because honestly who likes shopping at Walmart? The only reason anyone goes is because it is just all in one place.


The Van Fam said...

LOL - so true!! JD no longer wants to ride in the front of the basket but in the back part. This means everything has to go in the purse holder (because seriously...what kid over 2 sits in that?) so that he doesn't open it!!